Where To Find Sassa Job Vacancies



Government jobs are highly sought after as they offer job seekers with an opportunity to earn a competitive salary along with several benefits. Sassa has revealed where you can find Sassa job vacancies. 



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) has called on members of the public to practise caution when applying for Sassa jobs. This comes after several job listings purported to be from the grant payment agency appeared on social media with unsuspecting individuals eagerly proving their personal information when applying for these jobs. 

Sassa explained that vacancies at the agency will be advertised in national newspapers or on Sassa’s official website. They will only place job advertisements on their official Sassa social media pages. 

Sassa vacancies are advertised in various newspapers, the Sassa website and Sassa social media pages. 

The grant payment agency cautioned members of the public against applying for Sassa jobs that are not advertised on the agency's official website or social media pages. They also reminded individuals that they would never request money or personal details when advertising jobs. 

Be careful of information you find on parody social media accounts Sassa will never ask you to provide money or your personal details in order to apply for a job on social media. 

Sassa encouraged people to call the Sassa customer care line if they are unsure whether the job they are applying for is legitimately from Sassa. 

If in doubt please call customer care on 0800 60 1011 Jobs At Sassa 

Types Of Jobs At Sassa

Similar to many governmental entities, Sassa's workforce encompasses a diverse range of roles spanning various sectors. Some typical job openings at Sassa include:

Administrative Positions: These roles involve tasks related to the effective functioning of the organisation, such as office administrators, clerks, and data processors.

Social Work and Community Outreach: In line with Sassa's dedication to supporting vulnerable populations, social workers and specialists in community outreach are crucial for understanding the needs of these communities and ensuring they receive necessary assistance.

Financial and Accounting: The management of grant disbursement necessitates a robust financial infrastructure. Therefore, accountants, financial planners, and auditors play pivotal roles in Sassa's day-to-day operations.

IT and Data Management: Given the shift toward digitalization, there is an increasing demand for IT specialists, software developers, and data analysts to ensure that Sassa's digital infrastructure is both efficient and secure.

Research and Development: To stay informed about socio-economic changes and evolving needs, Sassa regularly conducts research. This involves analysts, researchers, and policy developers who can interpret data and translate it into actionable insights.

Public Relations and Communication: Ensuring the public is well-informed about Sassa's initiatives, services, and any changes is crucial. Public relations specialists, communication officers, and spokespersons play significant roles in this aspect.

Where To Find Other Government Jobs 

Official government job vacancies are advertised on their respective national government department websites and the Public Service Vacancy Circular

Government job vacancies are also advised in the Vuk'uzenzele newspaper. To apply for a government job, you will be required to complete and submit a Z83 form.

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The Sassa SRD grant is re-assessed each month as the Social Security Agency will check whether you have received any income in the month. So you need to check do a Sassa status check each month to see if you will be receiving the grant money.




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