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Nsfas has allocated four financial services providers to manage the payments and allowances to students who are funded by Nsfas. We have all the details you need on how to receive your allowances from Nsfas.



What is your opinion regarding the implementation of the NSFAS direct payment system? Student organizations who are unhappy with the new system have staged many protests.

Even if it might change later, you currently require your monthly allowances! To avoid missing out, it is therefore better to use the new system for the time being.

NSFAS Bank Account

The NSFAS bank account with Tenet technology, as it is commonly referred to, is not actually a bank account but acts in a similar way. NSFAS beneficiaries who are either students at universities or TVET Colleges can use the Tenet NSFAS Mastercard - either via the mobile application or the website application. If you have any problems you can phone the toll free number for help.

What Is Difference Between Nsfas and Tenet?

Nsfas determined that assistance was required in allocating the allowances to Nsfas recipients. They designated four businesses to collaborate with them in enabling students to spend their allowances and use their cards to make purchases of products and services.

Tenet Technology is among the businesses that have been requested to oversee the allowance payments to students.

Always remember that Tenet Technology isn't connected in any way to the non-profit company called Tenet that operates internet connectivity solutions for universities and colleges.

TVET Colleges Onboarding with Tenet Technology:

  • Central Johannesburg College 
  • College of Cape Town
  • Elangeni College 
  • Goldfields FET College
  • Letaba FET College
  • Lovedale FET College
  • Mopani South East FET College 
  • Northern Cape Urban FET College 
  • Orbit FET College
  • Sedibeng College 
  • Taletso FET College
  • Waterberg FET College
  • Western College

Universities Onboarding With Tenet Technology:

  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • University of Kwazulu Natal
  • University of Venda
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Western Cape
  • University of Witwatersrand
  • Walter Sisulu University

Download the Tenetech App To Your Phone

When you are registered with Tenetech you will have an account on their platform. If you request to download the company's app you will receive the code via SMS.  This will allow you to download the app directly to your phone. This is safer as it means only you can download the app that is associated with your account.

Students are able to process EFTs using both the Tenetech online portal and the mobile app.  Should they require a statement, students are able to obtain a statement through the Tenetech app.

When NSFAS Will Pay Tenetech Student Allowances

NSFAS anticipates that monthly payments will be processed by the 25th of each month. Once the bursary scheme has made payment, beneficiaries will get an updated SMS and an updated account balance.

According to the service provider, once Tenetech receives payment from NSFAS, students account will be credited on the same day.

NSFAS status

Tenetech FAQ's & Answers

  1. Is there a limit to how much I can EFT?
  • R3000 daily limit that you can adjust on your banking app. 

     2. How do I access my Tenet NSFAS account if I don’t have a smartphone?

  • You can log in on any device using the Tenetech online portal.

     3. Which ATMs do not accept transactions with the NSFAS bank card?

  • None – The NSFAS bank card is user friendly at all ATMs

     4.Can I use my card at any retail outlet?

  • Since your NSFAS card is a bank card, you can use it at any retail outlet. This is a debit card; you can only use funds that you have available in your account.

     5. Can I still transact if my in-bundle transactions exceed my limit?

  • Yes, you will still transact, but at the out-of-bundle rate – which may vary as per the transaction type.

Need to Contact Tenet Technology?

If you have any questions or problems regarding your Tenet Technology service for your NSFAS allowances then you can either use their toll free number - 0800 873 287 or you can contact them via Whatsapp on 064 603 7507. Beneficiaries are also advised to contact these numbers should they suspect any fraudulent. 


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Despite calls from students, NSFAS will continue with the implementation of the direct allowances payment system. The higher education minister has given a deadline to NSFAS to resolve challenges related to the payment system.




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