When To Consider Your NSFAS Appeal Application Unsuccessful



More than 1 million students will receive comprehensive funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme during the 2023 academic year. However, many students that applied for funding will not receive the comprehensive bursary for the current academic year.




While the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) continues to process appeal applications submitted by unsuccessful bursary applicants, they revealed when students should consider their appeal application as unsuccessful. 

NSFAS revealed that if students' NSFAS application status remains rejected after submitting an appeal appreciation, they will not be funded.

Please be advised it is only on the portal where you will get communication. If the status does not change then that is the final outcome.

NSFAS provides comprehensive bursaries to students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds which allow them to obtain an undergraduate qualification. They only provide these bursaries to students enrolled in approved programmes at public tertiary education institutions. 

Students must meet strict eligibility criteria set by the financial aid scheme to qualify for the comprehensive bursary. If they meet the NSFAS eligibility criteria, they are encouraged to submit a NSFAS application. 

NSFAS will fund more than one million students during the 2023 academic year. However, many more students applied for funding but have been rejected from receiving the comprehensive NSFAS bursary. 

Students who were unsatisfied with NSFAS’ decision to reject their bursary application were encouraged to submit a NSFAS appeal application. Only some unsuccessful applicants were allowed to submit a NSFAS bursary appeal application. 

If a student’s NSFAS appeal application is successful, they will receive comprehensive funding from the financial aid scheme. The NSFAS bursary will pay a student's tuition and registration fees. A student will also receive several allowances


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