Why Nsfas Does Not Accept Affidavits For Guardianship



When applications closed in 2022, it was revealed that 900 000 applications for funding were received by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). For this year you can expect many more applications. We have details about guardianship affidavits and court orders for you.



The cost of tertiary education can often be a barrier for many students wanting to obtain tertiary education qualifications from public universities and Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges.

A NSFAS bursary covers tuition costs, accommodation costs, food, transport, textbook allowance, learning material costs and registration fees for qualifying students.

Does NSFAS Accept Affidavits For Legal Guardianship or Only Court Orders?

It's important to note that Nsfas does not accept affidavits for proof of legal guardianship

Nsfas explained, “We do not accept affidavits. You need to provide us with the “court-appointed legal guardianship” document or submit a Non-SASSA declaration form signed by a social worker. The form is available on our website”.

Unsuccessful students have 30 days to appeal their rejection status upon receiving the outcome of their funding application.

NSFAS Appeals

Nsfas said, ‘Students wishing to appeal must upload all required supporting documentation to substantiate the reasons for the appeal. Appeals should be submitted within 30 days of having been assessed as unsuccessful’.


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If you have received the message back from NSFAS that you are 'funding eligible' you may well be a bit confused! Don't worry we have all the answers for you in our NSFAS section.




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