Skills Development

Mon, 23 Jul 2012
Approximately 8000 young job seekers will receive training and job placements through the job centre initiative launched by government. The Lulaway Job Centre is the first of many facilities expected to address unemployment amongst youth.

Business Schools

Mon, 23 Jul 2012
The search to find qualified and experienced professionals to suitably fill leadership positions in the business can be time consuming and costly. Succession planning eliminates this process by identifying the best candidate for the job, long before the position becomes available.

Engineering and Artisan

The proposed 7 step programme for artisans presented by Higher Education and Training Deputy Minister Prof Hlengiwe Mkhize is set to become a fundamental part of the department’s strategy to further develop and assist artisans in the country.

Skills Development

The crisis of youth unemployment continues unabated – the 2011 Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report for South Africa indicates that, despite the many policies and strategies that government has put in place, youth unemployment continues to grow.

Safety, Health, Environment & Quality SHEQ

Mon, 23 Jul 2012
The pharmaceutical industry is characterised by product testing, clinical trials and an adherence to strict standards making it one of the most regulated divisions of the medical field. As a result clinical specialists must have strong analytical skills.

Life Skills Training

Mon, 23 Jul 2012
The level of etiquette demonstrated by employees contributes significantly to the business image as it affects relations with customers, other businesses and staff. In fact every stakeholder group is impacted by business etiquette or the lack thereof.

Human Resources

Thu, 19 Jul 2012
Social media has democratised information creating employees who are far more independent thinkers. Terri Brown says CEO's need to be "more responsive, act more quickly and be more authentic in communicating a message or risk completely losing influence over key stakeholders".

Business Schools

Thu, 19 Jul 2012
Providing a robust perspective on the role of the general manager within an organisation, the two-week residential programme presented by GSB is designed to leverage the accumulated knowledge and experience of delegates, supported by a Systems Thinking approach and a focus on implementation.


Mon, 23 Jul 2012
An executive director of Accenture’s supply chain practice in Africa, Ms. Hayley Walters, has been appointed Chairperson of the CIPS Africa Procurement Awards adjudication panel.

Careers Portal

Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Careers Portal How many times have you had to put your dreams on hold because of obstacles in your way? Have you sacrificed the “you” that you could have been because you had to make someone or something else a priority?


Friday, 20 Jul 2012
Transformation at the Univeristy of the Free State specifically, and transformation in South Africa in general were the central themes of a talk presented by Professor Jonathan Jansen rector of the Higher education institution.


Mon, 23 Jul 2012
In recognition of his role in the peaceful resolution of conflicts in Africa and his contributions to improving international relations, President Jacob Zuma has been awarded an Honorary Professorship by the Peking University in Beijing.

Skills Universe - Mark Naidoo

Fri, 20 July 2012
The role that Seta's play in implementing the National Skills Strategy 3 in the workplace environment is essential to the greater skills development plan. Mark Naidoo invites industry professionals to contribute to the exploration of this issue.

Skills Universe - Marianna Bibbey

Thursday, 19 July 2012
The DHET has released a gazette for public comment dated 3 July 2012 on the proposed new Learning Programme Regulations, 2012. These regulations will repeal the Learnership Regulations of 2007 and cover all learning programmes under the Skills Development Act.

Skills Universe - Hannes Nel

Tuesday, 17 July 2012
We sometimes discuss issues without really knowing exactly what it entails and how it should be done. Take verification (external moderation) as an example. We recently discussed this on Skills Universe and The Mentoring Network web site. So I decided to do some research on how it is conducted in practice.

Skills Universe - Norman Ntai

Monday, 16 July 2012
Education under socialism must be free and accessible to all. In addition, education must not only empower youth and adults with work related skills but must also empower them to understand the broader developmental challenges facing society, and remove from the curriculum and form of education capitalism and capitalist ideas says Dr Blade Nzimande.

Skills Universe - Madivan van der Merwe

Wednesday, 12 July 2012
As ethical consumerism continues to gain momentum in South Africa, many companies are facing a challenging turning point in the way they conduct and manage their day-to-day business. Consumers, as supporters of these companies, are now demanding that they ‘walk the talk’ and provide proof thereof.

HR Portal

Tuesday, 17 July 2012
In many instances HR departments are being treated as just another department in many organisations. The problem here rests with senior management who have not recognised the important role individuals in the HR department play and the value of the contribution they can make, says Des Squire.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Training

South Africa received high praise for its efforts against the HIV/Aids pandemic, at the International AIDS Conference in Washington DC. The achievements include 1.7 million people placed on treatment and 20 million people tested for HIV during the country’s long testing campaign.

Marketing and Advertising Training

Mon, 16 Jul 2012
With so many companies competing for the same portion of the market differentiating the customer experience has become the new battlefield. Jonathan Hall tells companies how to stand out from the crowd.

Executive Education & Training

Tue, 17 Jul 2012
Statistics show that diverse boards produce better operational and financial performance yet the integration of female directors into the company board continues to be a slow process.