Personal Effectiveness, This Could Be Lacking In Your Organisation



If we do reflection on our workplace or on ourselves, can we say we are satisfied in the level of effectiveness we practice every day. The majority of the vote could answer no, let us explore the reasons for this.



Personal Effectiveness is something measurable within any individual, this would mean that we could measure ourselves based on how well we cope with stress or rapid changes in the workplace, how well we make decision, how well we spend time on completing tasks and other areas measurable based on what we preform form day-to-day.

The difficult part is maintaining good personal effectiveness and it points to how we motivate ourselves or colleagues; practicing stress management and time management skills; practice optimism; boost confidence, determination and persistency within ourselves.

In order for us to maintain personal effectiveness is to build good habits and become more organised with work/personal space; outline and understand personal strengths and limitations; allow reflection to be done and allow opportunity to build on areas that are lacking by joining courses or consultant sessions.

Self-motivation could be seen as a key element in personal effectiveness and takes work to maintain it. It links up to wanting to achieve goals and enhance self-growth in the opportunities given.

It is also to showcase the passion you have for something, which should be the spark to ignite the self-motivation flame.

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