Here’s How To Change Your Sassa Gold Card To Your Bank Account



If you have a Sassa gold card and wish to change it to receive your social grant payments directly into your bank account, there are a few steps you need to take. Fortunately, the process is straightforward, and with the right documentation, you can make the switch with ease.




To start, you'll need to visit your nearest Sassa office and request a printout of a Sassa Annexure C form to change your payment method. Once you have the form, you need to take it to your preferred bank and have it filled out and stamped. 

This stamp serves as proof that you have an active bank account and that you are authorized to receive payments through it. You can choose any bank to receive your payments, as long as it is registered with Sassa.

After you have the form stamped by your bank, you need to return it to Sassa along with your bank statement or proof of active bank account to have captured and processed. 

This documentation is crucial, as it shows that your bank account is open and ready to receive your social grant payments. If your bank statement is not up to date, you can request a new one from your bank before submitting the form.

Once your request is processed and complete. Sassa will pay your grant into your bank account after they have verified your bank details and updated their records. However, it is advisable to continue using your Sassa gold card to access your payments until you receive confirmation that your bank account is active.

Changing your Sassa gold card to your bank account is a simple process that only requires the above-mention few steps. With patience, you can start receiving your social grant payments directly into your bank account, providing more convenience and flexibility to manage the collection of your social grant.

To find out more about Sassa grants, including the R370 grant, head to our Sassa section.


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