Here's What Government Is Doing About Expiring Sassa Gold Cards


The Sassa Gold Card is used by many social grant recipients across the country to collect grant payments. It is thus not surprising that the expiration of these cards has raised concerns. This has cast doubt on the agency's ability to disburse social grant payments to this cohort of grant beneficiaries.



In response to growing concerns regarding the expiration of gold cards issued by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), the Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, has provided reassurances and outlined measures to address the situation. 

The issue was raised by Laetitia Heloise Arries, an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member of parliament, during a recent parliamentary session. One of the key concerns raised was the number of cards that still needed to be replaced and the impact on grant recipients who had not received their payments due to the expiring cards. 

Minister Zulu revealed that as of April 2023, a total of 838,420 cards had expired, followed by an additional 2,652,151 in May 2023 and 1,524,963 in June 2023. These numbers indicate the scale of the challenge faced by Sassa in replacing the expiring cards promptly.

However, the Minister assured the public that the expiration date on the cards had been extended to 31 December 2023. This means that beneficiaries can still use the current gold cards to access funds in their bank accounts. Grant recipients will be able to continue using their expired cards to receive their grants without any disruption.

To ease the burden on beneficiaries residing in rural areas, where South African Post Office branches have closed down, the government has taken several measures. The expiration date extension to the end of the year provides an additional eight months for Sassa and the Postbank to replace the cards.

This extended timeline aims to reduce the inconvenience faced by beneficiaries who would otherwise have to travel long distances to obtain their new gold cards.

Additionally, Postbank has introduced a cardless solution that allows social grant beneficiaries to access funds in their bank accounts.

This new cardless solution is a permanent alternative that reduces dependency on physical cards. Beneficiaries can now receive their social grant payments through participating retailers, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

Alternative Grant Collection Methods To The Sassa Gold Card

Furthermore, the agency has collaborated with selected merchants to assist with issuing replacement cards. The details and procedures related to this arrangement will be communicated by Postbank in due course, providing beneficiaries with alternative avenues to acquire their new cards.

To further alleviate the pressure caused by the expiring cards, beneficiaries are encouraged to use their personal bank accounts for receiving their social grant payments.

Sassa has also increased its front office capacity to accommodate the anticipated surge in beneficiaries seeking assistance during this challenging period.

The Minister acknowledged the concerns raised by Arries and emphasised the government's commitment to ensuring that social grant recipients are not unduly burdened by the expiration of gold cards. 

By extending the validity period and implementing alternative solutions such as the cardless option and collaboration with merchants, the government aims to provide efficient and accessible services to all beneficiaries.

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