Sassa Status Check: How To Check Your June 2023 Sassa Grant Status



If you have applied for a Sassa grant for June 2023, or have submitted an appeal, you can track the status of your application and/or appeal with a few simple steps.



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is responsible for distributing several different types of grants to those who meet the criteria, such as disability grants, child support grants, war veteran grants and old age grants, among many others. 

To qualify for any of these grants, you would need to meet certain eligibility criteria. A social grant is typically provided to South Africans who have no other form of income.

It is important to regularly do a general SASSA status check so that you remain aware of the funding you'll be receiving each month, if approved. 

How To do a Sassa Status Check For A SASSA Grant

To make sure that your application and/or appeal has not been lost, it is important that you regularly check your SASSA grant status. To check this, you will need to have your ID number close by.

  1. Visit the SASSA website.
  2. Enter your ID number.
  3. Enter your cell phone number that you used to apply.
  4. Track your grant appeal or overall status.

If you need assistance with tracking your status, you can contact the SASSA call centre on: 0800 601 011.

If you have already submitted an appeal, you do not need to submit another one but rather wait for the outcome of your current appeal application.

Sassa will contact you via SMS to inform you of the outcome of your application and/or appeal. This is why it is important to ensure that the contact number you provided is correct.


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The Social Relief of Distress grant is paid out in monthly payments of R350 to nearly 8 million people. Applicants will need to familiarize themselves with the grant’s application process, particularly the tracking of applications upon submitting them.  

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