How To Track SRD Grant Application For November


Commonly known as the R350 grant, the Social Relief of Distress grant still makes a notable difference in the lives of many impoverished South Africans. So if you applied for November, you will have to familiarise yourself with how to keep track of your application.



The Social Relief of Distress grant was introduced in 2020 and continues to play a crucial role in the lives of South Africans who have no other means of making an income.

The R350 grant, which is administered by the South African Social Security Agency pays out R350 on a monthly basis and is slated to end in March 2024. However, the first step to accessing the grant is submitting an application, provided you meet all specified eligibility requirements.

In case you have not submitted your R350 grant application, you can do so using the steps listed below: 

How To Submit Your SRD Grant Application

  1. Visit the SRD grant website
  2. Click on 'click here to apply on online'
  3. Enter you mobile phone number and click 'send SMS'
  4. A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the number you provided
  5. Enter the OTP
  6. Confirm and accept the Clauses in the Declaration and Consent documents
  7. Enter your personal details
  8. Provide your mobile number, employment information and lifestyle sustainability information
  9. Provide your banking details
  10. Follow the prompts to complete your application

As an alternative option, you can also apply for the Sassa R350 grant through Whatsapp.

Applying For The R350 Grant On WhatsApp

  1. Add Sassa on WhatsApp using this number - 082 046 8553
  2. Send a message to the number - Careers Portal simply sent "SRD Grant"
  3. Indicate if you applying for yourself (sending the number 1) or on behalf of someone else (sending the number 2)
  4. Send a message with your name how it appears on your Identify document
  5. Send a message with your surname how it appears on your Identify document
  6. Read the terms and conditions. Once you have, respond YES if you accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Indicate whether you are a South African citizen (send the number 1) or a Permanent Resident (send the number 2) or a Refugee (send the number 3)
  8. Click on the link sent to you in the WhatsApp chat
  9. Confirm and accept the Clauses in the Declaration and Consent documents
  10. Enter your ID number
  11.  Follow the prompts to complete your R350 grant application.

Here Is How To Track Your R350 Grant Application

How To Check Your Status Online

  1. Visit the Sassa SRD grant website.
  2. Scroll down to 'Application status'. 
  3. Select 'Click here to check online'.
  4. Fill in the required fields.
  5. You should then be able to see the status of your R350 grant application.

How To Track Your R350 Grant Application Status On Your Phone

  1. Call 0800 60 10 11.
  2. Follow the prompts.

How To Track Your R350 Grant Application Status On WhatsApp

  1. Add 082 046 8553 to your phone.
  2. Send a message to that number. 
  3. Follow the instructions. 

In the event that you're unable to view your status, Sassa has said that it may be due to their application system being overwhelmed as they receive millions of applications on a daily basis. Remember that Sassa administers R350 grants entirely online to over 7 million beneficiaries

Online applications for the Sassa R350 grants are viewed as new submissions every month. To be considered for consideration each month, each applicant will only need to submit their application once.

What should I do if my Sassa application is rejected?

It is also important to note that your application could possibly be rejected. If this happens and you feel it is for an unjustified reason. You can submit an application appeal also known as an application for reconsideration.

If you have already submitted your online application for the R350 grant, it is likely that you are concerned about the progress of your application. For this you need to know how to track your R350 grant application and fortunately Sassa not only encourages beneficiaries to do this, but provides a variety of ways to do it. 

You can track your Sassa R350 status either on the Sassa SRD website, by phone or on your Whatsapp. Let’s go over each of them as outlined by the agency. 

Sassa is essential in helping South Africans in need of social security assistance. For the country to reduce inequality, combat poverty, and advance social welfare, its services are crucial.

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Administered by South African Social Security Agency, permanent social grants are intended to financially assist the low income portion of the country’s population. The social grants are provided monthly to ensure that this cohort of individuals are able to avoid absolute poverty.




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