SASSA: How To Change Your Banking Details


Since the beginning of August 2021, more than 11.2 million people have applied for the special Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress grant. We can help if you need to change your banking details.



The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has asked applicants to provide their banking details as this will result in the faster processing of their R350 grants.

If you find that you need financial support the government will assist in the from of the SRD grant. You must apply for the SRD payment and give Sassa banking details as well as your bank details. Your grant application will be processed much faster if you submit all the correct banking details and generally follow all the instructions.

Submit Banking Details

You can specify your payment method and having your payment paid directly to your bank account is the best way to avoid fraudulent activities. Make sure you submit the correct bank details so you receive the payment on time.

The Sassa banking details link allows you to submit banking details directly on the website. This is sometimes referred to as the money transfer option and it means that they will use the payment method of transferring the R350 payment to your bank account.

If you need Sassa to provide assistance you can submit a request for help with the SRD application process.

You must also provide other personal details like your ID number and your registered mobile number. However Sassa recognises that sometimes banking details change - more details on how to do that later.

After you apply for the SRD grant you will receive an SMS notification to your cellphone number that confirms your details. This is just one way that Sassa prevent fraudulent activities relating to the SRD grant.

There were originally payment dates for the SRD but now they are paid into your account on any day of the month.

How to change your banking details

What happens if you are an approved beneficiary of the SASSA SRD Grant and you find out that Sassa do not have your correct banking details?

Then you must change your banking details by following the steps listed below to make sure that future payments are paid to you.

Step 1: Visit the SASSA website

Step 2: Find the ‘How do I change my banking details

Step 3: Insert your ID number

Step 4: An SMS containing a secure link will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during the application.

Step 5: Click on the link in the SMS

Step 6: Select the bank account details option. Insert your banking details (It must be your personal bank account).

SASSA cannot pay your grant into a mobile phone number that is registered to another person.

Correct Person's Bank Account

One of the most important things that Sassa must do is the pay the grant money into the correct bank account - so make sure your banking details are correct or you will have to change banking details. All the major banks allow you to receive your grant money in your account but please note that the Post Office no longer pays out the R350 grant.

If people don't provide their banking details they will have to collect their grant at the post office. What is important to note is that the Post Office does not issue SRD grants on the days when they issue disability, old age and other social grants.

Don't forget that asylum seekers and special permit holders can also apply for the R350 SRD grant. If you are an asylum seeker or a special permit holder then you should follow the instructions carefully when applying for the grant on the Sassa SRD website.

It can be difficult for refugees to open a bank account but you can also specify on the Sassa banking details link that you need assistance with this. They will also not have an ID number but their refugee number should be sufficient.

However it is a very strict rule with Sassa the SRD R350 will not be paid into another person's bank account.

All in all if you can receive your grant payment into the account with your bank you will find the process much easier. You don't even have to go to a bank as you will be able to use at ATM machine from he relevant bank to get your money. Just check whether the bank will charge you for withdrawals as you don't have to lose any of your SRD R350 to fees.

Sassa Status check

If at any times you aren't sure about your Sassa status in terms of the social relief of distress grant then it is advisable to submit a request for your details on the Sassa website. We do get many reports at the Skills Portal office about people tricked by fake sites so make sure you are using the official Sassa website at - especially when you have to change your banking details.

We hope that you found this article useful. All that's left is to wish you good luck as you make your banking details change. We hope everything goes smoothly for you.

If you want to know how to change your number click here

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