Sassa Status Check : A Guide To SRD Status Check Online


The Sassa SRD grant is re-assessed each month as the Social Security Agency will check whether you have received any income in the month. So you need to check do a Sassa status check each month to see if you will be receiving the grant money.



After you have applied for the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant (also commonly known as the R350 grant), you will want to check on your application. You can either do an SRD Sassa status check or a general Sassa status check.

The Sassa SRD Grant

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) administers the Social Relief Distress grant (SRD) in terms of the Social Assistance Act. The Social Relief grant is commonly referred to as the R350 SRD grant in reference to its monetary value or the amount of money received by beneficiaries of this Sassa grant who need financial aid. 

Every month millions of unemployed individuals living in South Africa apply for the SRD grant in the hope of receiving the critical relief mechanism. However, not everyone who submits SRD grant applications are approved for payment. Applicants complete a Sassa status check to see if their grant application was approved and when they will be paid. 

Eligibility Criteria For The SRD Grant 

This grant is available to unemployed people living in South Africa including South African citizens, asylum seekers, special permit holders and refugees. 

Prospective SRD Grant Beneficiaries must not be receiving any other form of financial support from the South African government to qualify for the Social Relief grant. This means they cannot receive UIF payments from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or a bursary from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS). 

SRD grant applicants must not exceed the income threshold for the SRD R350 grant which is currently R624. In terms of the R350 grant, income refers to the amount of money an applicant has in their bank account or other accounts at financial institutions. You must make sure that Sassa has your correct banking details.

Where To Apply For The SRD Grant

People who meet the eligibility criteria for income status for this Sassa grant are encouraged to submit a grant application. Applications for the R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant can be submitted online on the official SRD grant website if you meet the financial support status requirements. You can then do a check to see what your application status is.

How To Apply For The SRD Grant

How to apply for the SRD Grant

To apply for the R350 Sassa grant online, contact Sassa by visiting, the official Sassa website for applications and Sassa status check. 

Choose either 'South African ID Holders' or 'Asylum Seek and Special Permit Holders.' Then, click on the yellow bar that says 'click here to apply online' under the respective section. Enter your mobile number and click "send SMS" to receive a one-time pin from Sassa.

Once you receive the one-time pin, enter it on the application page. Follow the steps provided by Sassa to complete the application process and provide the necessary information.  

Once you finish your Sassa grant application, you'll probably want to check your Sassa status. Details on how to do a Sassa status check are in the next section.

How To Check Your SASSA Status Online

After submitting a R350 SRD grant application, people must check their Sassa status to check if the Sassa application was successful. When an applicant checks their sassa status using online methods, they will receive a Sassa status pin to verify the ownership of Sassa accounts. This is how to do your Sassa status check.

To check your application status for the R350 grant, visit the official SRD grant website. While you are in the process of checking your Sassa status you need to look for the 'Application status' section and click on 'Click here to check your Sassa status check online.

Fill in the required fields on the following page, including personal details such as your South African ID number, name, surname, and application reference number. After completing the necessary fields, submit the provided information to check your Sassa SRD status. What you are hoping to see is Sassa status approved!

sassa srd status

How to go online to check your Sassa status

Checking your Sassa status online is a convenient and efficient way to stay updated on your benefits and Sassa grant details. Follow these simple steps to check your SASSA status while online: 

  1. Start by visiting the official Sassa website for Sassa grants

  2. Look for the 'Application Status' prompt

  3. Click on the link and provide the necessary information, such as your ID number.

  4. Once you have entered the required details, click on the "Check Status" button. 

  5. Wait for the system to process your request and display your Sassa status. 

Checking your Sassa status online is a quick and convenient method that allows you to access your information at any time, from anywhere. It eliminates the need for lengthy phone calls or in-person visits, saving you time and effort. 

How to check your Sassa status via WhatsApp

If you prefer to check your Sassa status using your mobile phone, you can do so with a simple WhatsApp message.  Follow these step-by-step instructions to check your Sassa status via WhatsApp: 

  1. Add the Sassa WhatsApp number to your contacts: 082 046 8553.
  2. Open WhatsApp and send a message to the Sassa number that says "Status" followed by your ID number. 
  3. Double-check the accuracy of your ID number to avoid any errors. 
  4. Sassa will then provide the necessary information regarding your application status.

After sending the SMS, you will receive a response with your SASSA status. The message should include information about your application, payment dates, and eligibility. Make sure to save the message for future reference or take a screenshot for easy access. 

Checking your Sassa status via WhatsApp is a convenient option, especially for those who prefer using their mobile phones.

How To Do A SASSA Status Check On Phone

To run the Sassa status check online follow these steps:

  1. Call 0800 60 10 11
  2. Press 1
  3. Follow the prompts

Update SRD Details

What Happens After Completing A Sassa Status Check?

After submitting, you should be directed to a page where you can view the current Sassa status check online, of your R350 grant application. You will receive either a successful check Sassa status or an unsuccessful R350 grant status. 

Once you do your Sassa status check and see that you received a successful Sassa status after you've done a Sassa status check, your money will be paid to you and you can view your Sassa SRD balance status each time you withdraw money.

You might also receive the message - 'SRD reconsideration pending status'. You might also see a status of Sassa status check failed.

If your Sassa status failed after your Sassa status check, you can submit a Sassa R350 grant appeal application. Find out more about how to submit your Sassa R350 rant appeal and how to check your Sassa SRD status for the appeal on Skills Portal. 

Payment Dates After Successful Sassa Status Check 

It's important to note that the special R350 grant does not have a fixed payment date. However, the grant payment agency has revealed a new payment strategy for the grant. 

While R350 grant applicants only submit R350 grant applications once, Sassa verifies their applications every month. This is done to ensure that the grant beneficiary still meets the eligibility criteria for the R350 grant. 

These verification checks take some time as Sassa collaborates with several government entities to verify information submitted by the grant applicant. 

If Sassa is satisfied that the applicant still meets the strict eligibility requirements for the R350 grant, they will notify the grant beneficiary via message when their R350 grant payment is available for collection. This SMS notification will likely only be made during the last week as this is usually when Sassa completes the verification checks. 

During pay week clients are encouraged to view their status on the SRD website for the exact date that the payment will be made into their bank accounts.  

It's important to note that while Sassa indicates when R350 grants have been paid to beneficiaries, they may have to wait a few days before they can begin transacting with their money as funds may take a few days to reflect in their bank account. 

Funds will take about 2 - 3 working days to reflect in their client's account after the payment has been processed.


How To Submit A Sassa R350 Grant Appeal

srd grant appeal

SASSA Grants Payment Dates and Schedule

The Sassa R350 Grant does not have an official grant payment date. Successful applicants must wait for an SMS from Sassa to indicate their Sassa payment status, which will then indicate that their money is available for collection. 

If you see the message 'bank details pending Sassa' you need to update your bank details on the Sassa system before your next pay date. Run the Sassa status check regularly to see if the problem has been solved.

If you require any further assistance, you can contact Sassa directly via this number: 0800 601 011. If you submit your bank account details you can receive your Sassa payment dates and then the payment is made directly into your account. You can also contact Sassa via the official Sassa website and get your Sassa status online.

What Sassa Grants Are Available?

Sassa distributes eight Sassa grants depending on financial status, as explained on the Sassa website. A Sassa payment status check will confirm whether you are eligible for the particular grant. These grants are as follows:

  • The social relief grant (Sassa SRD grant or Sassa R350 grant)

  • The Child Support grant

  • The Disability grant 

  • The Foster Child grant

  • The Old Person's grant 

  • Care Dependency grant

  • War Veterans grant

  • Grant-in-Aid 

The Minister of Social Development, Lindiwe Zulu, MP explained in the SASSA Annual Report how successful SASSA had been in the last year and how many people they had helped with grants. "Through more than 380 local offices, with more than 1 100 service points and by means of online grant applications SASSA increased access to its services. This resulted in the number of social assistance beneficiaries increasing from 17 811 745 (at the end of March 2019) to 18 829 716 (at the end of March 2023)".

What is the Social Relief of Distress Grant?

Government started the SRD grant as a way to support citizens who are unemployed and receive no other income during the Covid-19 pandemic. This grant sees beneficiaries receive R350 grant payments every month, which is why many have called it the Sassa R350 grant. So you need to check your Sassa grant status each month.

How To Submit A SASSA Appeal

If you run a Sassa status check and the response is that you are not eligible it is still possible to appeal. You use the same website as you used for the Sassa status check for lodging your appeal. Then you use the same Sassa status check to monitor the process of your appeal.

Follow these steps to submit a Sassa appeal:

  1. Visit The ITSAA Website
  • Enter Your Identification Number
  • Enter The Cell Phone Number You Used During The Application Process
  • Click Send “Pin”
  • Once you receive the pin, you will be required to insert it and click “Submit”
  • Select the month that you are appealing for
  • Secret the drop-down arrow to choose the reason for your appeal application from the options provided
  • Click “Submit” to complete the appeal application process

How SASSA SRD Grant Appeals Work

It is important to note that these appeal applications are no longer submitted directly to Sassa. Initially, Sassa handled the appeal applications when the grant was first introduced, but they no longer process appeals.

Instead, unsuccessful R350 grant applicants must submit a R350 grant appeal application to the Independent Tribunal For Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). 

Once individuals have submitted their appeal application, the ITSAA then uses various databases to verify information provided to verify their eligibility for the grant. The databases are used to confirm personal information and income information as well.

Furthermore, applicants are advised that they will receive the outcome of their appeal applications between 60 to 90 days from when it was submitted. The decision made by the ITSAA are considered final. You need to run the Sassa status check in the normal way to confirm that everything is on-track for your grant payment.

FAQs About The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) Grant?

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is a financial assistance program managed by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Established to provide support to South African citizens, permanent residents, and refugees who are facing extreme financial hardship, the SRD grant ensures that vulnerable individuals can meet their basic needs.

How much do beneficiaries receive from the SRD grant?

Beneficiaries of the SRD grant receive an amount of 350 South African Rand each month. This amount is designed to offer some relief and assistance for essential needs like food and basic services.

Who is eligible for the SRD grant?

To qualify for the SRD grant:

  1. You must be a South African citizen, permanent resident, or refugee.
  2. You must be residing within the borders of South Africa.
  3. You must be experiencing undue hardship that makes you unable to meet your or your family's basic needs.
  4. You should not be receiving any other form of social grant from the government during the period of your SRD grant application.
  5. You should not be receiving any financial assistance from the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) or the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS).

How can one apply for the SRD grant?

Individuals who believe they qualify for the SRD grant can apply through various methods made available by SASSA. These might include online applications, SMS services, or direct applications at SASSA offices. It's essential to keep an eye on official announcements from SASSA for any updates or changes in the application process.

How can one check if you are going to receive the grant?

The Sassa status check feature was introduced to allow people who apply to get up to date information on their application. The Sassa status check is available online and can be accessed on a cellphone.

How long does the SRD grant last?

The SRD grant is a temporary grant that was initially introduced specifically for the Covid-19 pandemic and the national lockdown. President Cyril Ramaphosa has confirmed that the SRD grant has been extended to at least the end of March 2024. There is no confirmation yet on whether it will continue after that - or be changed to a different grant. One example that has been discussed often is whether it should be converted to a Basic Income Grant.

Can the SRD grant be renewed?

Yes, in some cases, beneficiaries may reapply or renew their SRD grant, especially if the distressing circumstances persist. However, this is subject to periodic reviews and the availability of funds in the national budget.

What documentation is required to apply?

Typically, applicants must provide:

  1. A valid South African ID, or in the case of refugees, a valid refugee ID.
  2. Proof of residence in South Africa.
  3. Relevant documents that show the cause of the distress, such as medical reports, eviction notices, or proof of loss of income.

How is the grant disbursed to beneficiaries?

The grant can be disbursed through various means, including bank transfers, mobile money transfers, or cash payments at specified SASSA offices or pay points. The method of disbursement usually depends on the beneficiary's preference and accessibility.

Why was the SRD grant introduced?

The SRD grant was introduced as a response mechanism to help those facing unexpected financial distress, which can result from various causes like natural disasters, socio-economic challenges, or global crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant aims to provide temporary relief to those most vulnerable and helps ensure they have the means to procure basic necessities.

What should one do if they face issues or challenges with their SRD grant application or disbursement?

Beneficiaries or applicants facing any issues should promptly contact their nearest SASSA office or the SASSA helpline. It's essential to report any challenges or discrepancies immediately to ensure a quick resolution and prevent potential delays in receiving the grant.


The SRD grant, managed by SASSA, plays a pivotal role in supporting vulnerable members of the South African community during times of distress. While it is a temporary measure, it reflects the government's commitment to ensuring that all South Africans have the means to meet their basic needs, especially in challenging times. 


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