We Will Start Publishing R350 Grant Payment Dates Again, Says Sassa


In response to recent concerns over delayed grant payments, Sassa has announced that it will resume publishing the grant payment schedule for the R350 grant. The agency has also addressed concerns of then grant's payment delays.



Sassa has made the decision to publish R350 grant payment dates monthly. This decision comes after reports emerged that some beneficiaries had experienced delays in receiving their grant payments, prompting Sassa to address the issue and provide a clearer roadmap for beneficiaries.

According to Paseka Letsatsi, the spokesperson for Sassa, the delays in grant payments were a result of a payment backlog that occurred due to a glitch in the agency's online system. 

There was a glitch, in actual fact, because we've been paying on the 25th and in the last month the 25th passed and there were no payments then there were delays.

While the technical issue has been resolved, Sassa's verification process further contributed to the delay. This process aims to ensure that applicants still meet the eligibility requirements for the R350 grant.

In an effort to address the situation and improve transparency, Sassa has said that it will once again publish the payment schedule for the R350 grant on its online platforms, including social media channels. Starting in August 2023, beneficiaries will be able to access the schedule and anticipate the dates on which their grant payments will be processed.

When Will Sassa Process R350 Grant Payments For August 

Sassa's recent announcement clarified that the processing of this month's R350 grant payments will occur between 25 and 31 August, 2023. However, unlike permanent social grants, the R350 grant payments are not fixed to a specific date due to the verification process and other factors.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to track the status of their applications through Sassa's official website. Additionally, it's important to note that grant payments may take approximately two to three days to reflect in beneficiaries' accounts after processing.

Where To Collect Your R350 Grant

Sassa provides a variety of methods for beneficiaries to collect their R350 grant payments, and they include the following:

Bank Account: Beneficiaries can choose to receive their grant payments directly into their bank accounts, providing quick access to the funds.

Cash Send: Those without a personal bank account can opt for the Cash Send payment option. This method requires a registered cellphone number and proof of identification for grant collection.

Retail Stores: Retail chains such as Pick n Pay, Checkers, Shoprite, and Boxer stores facilitate grant payments. Beneficiaries do not need to reapply for the grant each month, but Sassa will verify their eligibility status regularly.

While Sassa takes steps to rectify the payment delays and enhance communication, beneficiaries are urged to stay informed through the official channels and to choose the most suitable payment method for their needs.

If you are hoping to receive a Sassa social grant you should be running a Sassa status check on the official Sassa website. When you perform the Sassa status check you will receive information on which months you will be paid and which months you won't.


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Millions of South Africans submit applications to receive the social relief of distress grant each month. However, not all individuals who apply are successful, and these applicants are encouraged to submit an appeal.




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