What Your ‘Incomplete Application Saved’ Sassa Application Status Means



Many R350 grant applicants have been left with an "incomplete application" status and are unsure what this means. Luckily, there is a solution. 



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) provides millions of citizens with monthly social grants that serve as a lifeline for their survival. 

South Africa has incredibly high rates of unemployment and poverty, and the government seeks to alleviate some of these challenges by offering financial assistance to the country's low-income and most vulnerable individuals. 

One such grant is the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, paid out in monthly payments of R350 to nearly 8 million people. The SRD grant is also commonly referred to as the R350 grant.

In order to become a recipient of the SRD grant, you will need to fill out and submit an application. Once your Sassa grant application has been submitted, the agency usually sends you an SMS confirming that your application is complete. 

However, in some cases, complications arise and you may not get that confirmation message.

You may see a message that states your Sassa application was saved as incomplete. An incomplete application may make it difficult for you to gain approval for the grant, as some key information may be missing.

A message might read as: Application Incomplete – Waiting for Completion of Application. 

Luckily, Sassa allows for applicants to withdraw their application at any point in time, meaning you could re-start the application process and submit a complete application the second time around. 

It's important to keep track of your application status (which can be done online), so that you're up-to-date throughout each step.

Here Is How To Track Your R350 Grant Application

How To Check Your Status Online

  1. Visit the Sassa SRD grant website.
  2. Scroll down to 'Application status'. 
  3. Select 'Click here to check online'.
  4. Fill in the required fields.
  5. You should then be able to see the status of your R350 grant application.

How To Track Your R350 Grant Application Status On Your  Phone

  1. Call 0800 60 10 11.
  2. Follow the prompts.

How To Track Your R350 Grant Application Status On WhatsApp

  1. Add 082 046 8553 to your phone.
  2. Send a message to that number. 
  3. Follow the instructions. 

R350 Grant Statuses & What They Mean

While your R350 application is being processed, you may come across other status indications that give you an idea of what the status of your application is. These are some of them and what they mean. 

Application complete 

When you see this status, it means Sassa has received your SRD grant application, so there is nothing more you need to do. Sassa will verify your grant each month, and make payment via your chosen payment method. All you need to do now is check your verification and payment status each month, using the Sassa status check tool above.

Bank details pending 

Seeing this status means Sassa has received your application or reapplication, but you did not submit your banking details or the preferred payment method. You will need to submit your banking details for the R350 grant application here.

After submitting your banking details or selecting your payment method, wait a few days and then check your Sassa status again.

Reapplication pending 

This means Sassa has not received your reapplication. You will need to submit your application for the SRD grant here. Wait a few days after submitting your application and then proceed to check your status using your ID number and the cellphone number you applied with.


This status means Sassa is currently in the process of verifying your application for that particular month there is no further action you need to take. Check your R350 grant status in a few days' time to see if your application has been approved.


This status means Sassa has approved your application for that particular month. You should also be able to see your payment date for that particular month if the pay date is not shown yet, give it a few days and check again.


when you see this status, it means Sassa has unfortunately declined your application for that particular month. You should also see a reason why you were declined. If you feel your application was declined in error, you can submit a request for reconsideration 


This status indicates that Sassa has cancelled your R350 grant. If you would like to reinstate your R350 grant, you can then reapply for the R350 grant, provided you meet the requirements.

To ensure that your R350 grant application is processed in a timely manner, Sassa emphasizes the importance of providing accurate and updated information. This can go a long way in ensuring that you avoid unnecessary delays in receiving your R350.


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Applying for a Sassa social grant can provide crucial financial support for individuals in need. However, the application process requires patience and vigilance. It's essential to stay informed about your application status while awaiting feedback from Sassa. 




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