Why Your Sassa Grant Payments Stopped


Millions of financially disadvantaged South Africans rely on the South African Social Security Agency for the provision of social grants. In return, the agency requires beneficiaries to be aware of circumstances and reasons under which their grant payment may be stopped.        



Sassa social grants are a crucial source of monthly income for the Agency’s beneficiaries. This is partly why having those monthly grant payments suddenly halted can be financially devastating.

It is important to note that this usually happens for a number of valid reasons, some of which Sassa makes an effort to explain on their online platform.

Let's go over some of them to provide clarity on what you may do in case you find yourself in this situation as a social grant recipient.

The Grant May Be Under Review

Your social grant can be subjected to a review by Sassa in the event that your financial circumstances have changed. This forms part of Sassa's conditions when processing your social grant application, using the supporting documents you provide when applying

This also means that the agency is privy to information about your income. Your income threshold determines your eligibility for a social grant. If Sassa notes any change in your circumstances, whether financial or due to an untimely death, this can result in Sassa re-evaluating your eligibility for a social grant. 

The agency can also require tangible proof that the beneficiary under review is still alive. This takes the form of submitting a proof of life certificate to Sassa. The agency can also make use of an electronic interface to prove that the grant recipient is indeed alive. 

Your Grant Might Be Suspended

Sassa can opt to suspend a beneficiary’s social grant for various reasons, most of which are also based on changes to a grant recipient’s circumstances. This refers to several scenarios such as changes in a grant recipient’s marital status, address or financial position. 

Sassa also emphasizes that it is advisable for beneficiaries to keep Sassa updated regarding any changes in their circumstances, as failure to do this can easily result in the suspension of their grant. 

In addition to this, Sassa also reserves the right to suspend the Child Support Grant if the child is no longer under the care of the person who receives it on their behalf. Grants can also be suspended, pending the outcome of a review or if a beneficiary is not cooperative during a review.

If The Grant Lapses  

The lapsing of a social grant payment is another reason Sassa may decide to stop grant payments to a beneficiary. This usually occurs when a beneficiary fails to collect their grant payment for an extended period. 

This can either be attributed to changes in a beneficiary’s health circumstances, such as death or if they decide to leave the country for prolonged periods of time. For the Child Support Grant, the grant lapses if the child dies and when they reach the age of 18. 

Additionally, Sassa grants will lapse if the grant payments are not collected over a consecutive span of three months. This usually results in the grant being suspended.

To get around this, beneficiaries must submit an application for the restoration of that grant within 30 days of the suspension.

To find out more about Sassa grants, including the R350 grant, head to our Sassa section      





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