Where To Find SETA Learnerships



A learnership is a great way to kick-start your professional career if skills development forms part of your career goals. Fortunately, SETA's are a good place to start looking.



Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs) are responsible for providing education and training to people in various sectors of the South African economy. They play a crucial role in developing and implementing skills development initiatives that help to reduce unemployment and improve the overall quality of life for South Africans.

One of the most popular ways that SETAs achieve this is by offering learnerships. A learnership is a work-based learning program that combines theoretical learning with practical work experience. It is designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to enter or progress in a particular industry or occupation.

If you are interested in pursuing a learnership through a SETA in South Africa, there are several ways to find opportunities:

SETA websites:

Most SETAs have websites that provide information on their learnership programs. These websites usually contain details on the various learnerships on offer, the entry requirements, and how to apply.

Job portals: 

Many job portals, such as the Careers Portal, Indeed, CareerJunction, and PNet, list learnership opportunities from different SETAs. Job seekers can browse these portals to find relevant opportunities and apply online.

Social media 

SETAs often use social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to advertise learnership opportunities. Job seekers can follow these platforms to stay informed of any new learnerships that become available.

SETA offices 

Job seekers can visit SETA offices in person to inquire about available learnerships. They can also ask for guidance on how to apply and what documents they need to submit.

It is important to note that learnerships are highly competitive, and not all applicants will be successful. Therefore, job seekers should apply to as many relevant learnerships as possible to increase their chances of being selected.

SETA learnerships are an excellent way to gain valuable work experience and improve your chances of finding employment in a particular industry.

By using the resources listed above, you can find available learnerships and take the first step towards building a successful career.

The Learnership programme was developed in South Africa as a modern way to advance apprenticeships to meet the modern demands of the workplace. Learnerships also manage to formalise the learning and workplace experience - which is usually sadly lacking in internships offered by companies.

Another significant benefit of Learnerships over internships is that Learnerships come with a formal pay structure where learners will be paid a monthly stipend, or payment, for the time they are on the Learnership. Also, internships do not have a learning component, while Learnerships are all linked directly to a formal qualification.

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Someone learning a new skill through SETA.

With SETA existing within 21 sectors of the South African economy, ranging from Agriculture to Wholesale and Retail, it identifies skills that are lacking in one way or another and that need to be improved. 




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