Schools form the basis of our education system. The Department of Basic Education maintains the school system in South Africa, which runs from Grade R to Grade 12 and is responsible for preparing students for life beyond Matric. Alongside the public schools in the country there also exist private schools, most run by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), which emphasizes critical thinking and academic rigor. Regardless of whether one attends a public or private school, schools lay the foundations of our society by educating each new generation. Read on to stay updated with news on Matric results and other news related to schools.

What are the requirements to get a Bachelors Pass in your Matric final exams and gain access to university courses? We have all the details for you.

After the glamour of the top learners in the country receiving certificates from the Basic Education Minister at the Matric results ceremony, the School Performance Report was released to show how each of the country's nearly 7,000 schools performed in the Matric exams.

IEB matric results are usually released the day before those of public schools. We have all the details for you.

It's time for the matriculants to receive their final examination results. Here are the different ways you can access your exam results.

The education department has announced several changes in the hope of improving education outcomes in South Africa. One significant change has been revealed in the 2024 school calendar covering school terms and school holidays.

Homeschooling offers numerous benefits, including personalised education, greater accessibility, safe environments, and flexible schedules. However, one concern many homeschooling parents still harbour – rightly or wrongly - is that their children might not benefit fully on the social development front.

While Africa celebrates an increase in the enrolment rate following the Universal Primary Education and Universal Secondary Education policies, in many cases schools are continuing to fail the children they are supposed to serve by not imparting them with adequate knowledge to be successful.

Regardless of the underlying reasons, losing your matric certificate can drastically reduce your ability to do a lot of important things relating to furthering your education or landing job opportunities. Luckily, the basic education department has an online application process to get around this hurdle.

This year, matrics will head to exam rooms for the last time in their high school careers. Some will find themselves in a terrifying situation where they hit that dreaded black - an inability to recall information despite months of solid preparation and dedicated study. This is arguably students' biggest fear as they write some of the most important examinations of their lives so far. 

Final matric results can bring about relief for some but it can also be the catalyst for depression and suicide in others and relatives need to look out for warning signs. 

Online schools are not all the same.  Just as the quality of teaching and learning varies immensely across traditional schools there are online schools doing a great job, those that are mediocre and some that are failing. 

With your matric certificate in hand, you can set your sights on college studies. Are you ready for this next important chapter in your life? Here are some things you can do to prepare for the big transition from school to college.

When it comes to university and matric exams, desperate learners and students who feel that cheating may be their only shot at passing should reconsider, and not only for ethical reasons, an education expert says.

These eight words are what every High School leaver asks themselves. Some are fortunate to know what they would like to do, either to look for work or to study further.


Many Matrics considering their study options for next year are finding themselves in the difficult position of being at odds with their parents or guardians about their preferred direction.


The legacy of apartheid means that schools in mostly black and impoverished areas did not receive infrastructure that was appropriate and conducive to effective learning. While laws are in place to rectify the crisis facing many schools, the problems persists and learners continue to suffer.


With Matric finals loading and learners heading to exam venues in a matter of days, the bulk of reviewing should now be over, and the limited time available before and during the exams should be strategically managed, an education expert says.

As Grade 11s head into the final quarter of the year after the holidays, they are advised to use the coming months before they start their final year of school to implement a strategy that will smooth their Matric journey and ensure maximum success, an education expert says.

This has happened to all of us – and still does to some of us in our dreams! You’ve been studying hard for your economics final assessment, but when you walk into your exam, your mind goes blank. As you read the question paper, you notice your sweaty palms and a rapid heartbeat. Sound familiar?

A fulfilling, meaningful and ultimately successful academic journey relies on a close relationship between the school, parents and students throughout, and all of them are required to play their roles consistently and effectively, an education expert says.





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