Schools form the basis of our education system. The Department of Basic Education maintains the school system in South Africa, which runs from Grade R to Grade 12 and is responsible for preparing students for life beyond Matric. Alongside the public schools in the country there also exist private schools, most run by the Independent Examinations Board (IEB), which emphasizes critical thinking and academic rigor. Regardless of whether one attends a public or private school, schools lay the foundations of our society by educating each new generation. Read on to stay updated with news on Matric results and other news related to schools.

Building the foundations for future academic success must start from when a child enters Grade 1, and the focus must be on cultivating a love of learning, an education expert says.

Before our first democratic elections, the South African clothing and garment industry was at an all-time high. As we were sanctioned from the rest of the world, for the right reasons, it meant that the industry was booming due to the lack of cheap imports flooding the market.

ADvTECH, South Africa’s leading private education provider, says it supports government’s intentions to create the conditions to regulate and quality assure the establishment and maintenance of online schools in South Africa, and looks forward to working with relevant authorities to ensure measures introduced will lead to an improved and quality educational experience for all online students.

Following the release of the Matric results of 2021, countless young people will be faced with the need or desire to adjust their study plans for this year because they did not perform as expected, while many others will be faced with the happy news that their options have increased as a result of better-than-expected results - whether this be the eligibility to enrol for higher education, or enrol for a different qualification.

Amongst the close to 600 000 candidates who wrote matric in 2020, a meagre 5,3% scored 60% or more for maths. Given that the required pass rate is just 30% - something that only 125 526 candidates achieved – maths is in crisis as it is a gateway subject for higher education and career options which are vital for any country’s economic development and growth. It remains to be seen whether the 2021 results will be any better.

The Gauteng province had the largest number of candidates writing this year, with a provincial increase of 17.55%. The Gauteng education department has created an innovative and yet convenient way for learners to access their NSC 2021 results.

The South African economy will not be able to remain globally competitive if it does not move away from Victorian-era, rote learning systems and embrace education methods that are tailored for the new digital future of work.

South Africa’s biggest and most trusted homeschooling provider, Impaq, is launching a new online school at a time when demand for distance education continues to grow rapidly.

Parents and guardians usually complain about the lack of strong student support initiatives provided to children by the education system.

Hendrick Makaneta from the Foundation for Education and Social Justice, has commended President Cyril Ramaphosa for taking a decision on pit toilets. Makaneta believes that by setting a deadline, the government shows political will to eradicate the issue of pit toilets. 

Facing the challenges of writing matric this year?  One of the best investments of your time will be taking out just an hour and half on the morning of Saturday, 14 August to join the experts at the upcoming SACAP (South African College of Applied Psychology) webinar.  Taking a whole-person approach, the panel will include leaders in their fields who will teach you the all-important hacks you need to not just survive matric but thrive.

Matric results are out and you might be wanting to get your exam scripts re-marked or rechecked. You can do that by registering!

The release of matric results is typically a high stakes time for many students and their parents, but pandemic disruptions throughout 2020 are adding extra angst. This week, the anticipation will be over, but getting these final school marks in black and white can spiral some young South Africans, and their families, into despair and crisis.

School assistants have been intoduced in the Free Sate to help with the COVID-19 academic disruptions and systemic difficulties. To help in the Free State, over 300 000 young people have been employeed in the country as education and general assistants.

Government has released a proposed calendar for 2022. The 2020 school year has been a tough year for many schools and plans are now in motion to get back lost teaching time in the next 3 years. 

Cosas does not want matric learners to be examined on the full syllabus. It believes that learners had unequal access to educational resources, which could make it difficult for them to get good grades.





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