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If South Africa is to rebuild its economy, ethical practice needs to be implemented at every level of the supply chain, says the Chartered Institute for Procurement & Supply.

There is a growing gap between what employees say and do when it comes to office working according to Linda Trim, Director at Giant Leap, one of SA’s largest workplace design consultancies.

Young people, students and professionals who have not yet learned to touch-type will do well to consider making this small learning investment that will reap benefits for life, an education expert says.

The shifts that occurred within the learning and development space this year have proved an excellent marker for what can be expected in 2024 and beyond. The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning resulted in significant cost reductions, making eLearning far more accessible to South Africans, while the focus moved to long term and sustainable L&D solutions from the Covid-19 crisis mentality that gripped the industry previously.

South Africa, like most countries, needs every skilled worker to contribute towards the prosperity of the country. Persons living with disabilities have an important role to play to make a positive contribution in the workplace. It is generally found that a person with a disability develops into a well-adjusted, productive worker in an atmosphere of acceptance, co-operation and goodwill. It is often found that workers with disabilities are more productive than their co-workers and that they are less absent from work and shows great loyalty towards their company.

The Durban Chemicals Cluster (DCC) Business Accelerator held its annual "Dragons’ Den" event at The Pearls in Umhlanga Rocks on Tuesday, 28 November 2023. Emulating the renowned Dragons' Den format, 11 emerging Black-owned enterprises passionately presented their ventures to a panel of influential 'Dragons'.

Many people feel as if they’re running on empty at work by this time of year, but according to a leadership expert, now is a good time to think about implementing practices that will ensure we maintain energy after the holiday break and can perform at our best in the new year.

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) marks a significant shift, not just in how we process data, but in the very fabric of decision-making and client interaction.

Mindfulness and good mental health don’t happen overnight, but thanks to online training more officers are learning how to cope with their high-stress occupation.

In this article, Brian Eager of Towerstone introduces us to what he considers the new era of leadership. This, according to Brian, will see a shift from authoritarian and bureaucratic stagnation to agile and inclusive leadership.

The 3rd of December is recognised as the International Day of Persons with Disabilities and is the culmination of a month of national awareness in South Africa. As we observe this day, it is a stark reminder that much still needs to be done to create inclusivity for the approximately seven per cent of our population living with either physical or mental disabilities.

Learning and development professionals have a huge opportunity to be at the forefront of the exponential change taking place in the world today. This was one of the key points highlighted at the New Leaf Technologies Learning Indaba, held virtually and attended by delegates from as far afield as UK on November 23.

On 10 October 2023, we published our article titled "the importance of a complete record of arbitration proceedings" in a review application wherein the Labour Court dealt with the importance of and requirement for it to be provided with a full and proper record in review proceedings. In that article, we discussed the duty on all parties in review proceedings to place a complete and full record before the reviewing court.

After having made it through application, shortlisting and interview processes, a job offer from a potential new employer may feel like the exciting final step in one’s job search, but in South Africa, it is still standard procedure for many companies to ask prospective employees for proof of their previous salary before making a concrete offer – which presents a challenge for those who would prefer to negotiate in line with the value they bring, rather than their historic remuneration.

When South Africa’s business landscape continues to face challenges such as load-shedding, the quiet quitting trend, the steady advance of AI, and the widespread datafication of business processes, the question surfaces: is change leadership really worth focusing on?

A hundred graduates to receive critical cybersecurity training over the next two years. Check Point Software is making a training contribution towards addressing the crucial cybersecurity skills gap in South Africa.

A run-down of how forward-thinking, resilient companies are fulfilling needs in this area and still growing. Logistics companies are now addressing skills shortages.

A happy workplace has become ever more important considering the disruptions to and questioning of the traditional models over the past three years - and solving it will add trillions to the global economy. 

Disability in the workplace is more than hiring people with disability but creating an inclusive environment where employees with disabilities have an equal opportunity to learn, to be compensated fairly and to succeed. In the below piece, Yuneal Padayachy Chief Support Officer at the BEE Chamber unpacks  the significant relationship between B-BEE and disability initiatives in order to create a more inclusive workforce in South Africa.

Career growth and development are the most important things employees want from their employers. They also want to work in roles challenging their strengths and competencies for organisations that provide opportunities to grow their knowledge and skills.




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