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In contemporary leadership, it's becoming increasingly clear that leading with a human-centric approach above all else distinguishes the great from the good. Traditionally, the divide between “personal” and “work” was an accepted norm, but in the 2020s, it’s becoming accepted that the ability for leaders to connect with their team members on a human level fosters authentic relationships and enables them to lead every individual to their full potential. This creates a ripple effect of benefits for the organisation. 

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and nonprofit organisations (NPOs) play a vital role in society by filling gaps in public services, advocating for marginalised groups, and driving positive social change.

If South Africa is going to regain its economic foothold, we need to be investing in our youth. And the primary mechanism through which we should be doing this is skills development. This approach starts with confronting — and acting on — five uncomfortable truths.

On 1 February 2024, new Draft Regulations were released, containing new Draft Sectoral Targets, and unpacking what businesses need to consider when setting goals. The public now has 90 days from release to comment on the Draft. 

The below article identifies four symptoms to look out for that may indicate that businesses need to work with an external consultant to support their corporate eLearning. In doing so, they will have better learning outcomes and ensure their eLearning effectively drives their business towards their goals and gets financial returns.

You’ve just received your dream job offer, but there’s a catch. You need to start the new job in a month’s time, but your current employer requires you to give three months’ notice.

Feryal Domingo, acting executive director of Inyathelo, says that despite budget constraints, it’s vital that NPOs maintain a strong voice and visibility if they are to attract funding.

Starting one’s first job can be both daunting and rewarding – and by the time the first pay cheque lands in the bank, there’ll probably be plenty of ideas and obligations as to how to spend it. However, Neven Narayanasamy at DirectAxis points out that what you do with your first salary payment is important, as the spending habits you develop at the outset can have long-term implications for your financial future.

The Presidential Youth Stimulus provided 1,7m work opportunities and has placed more than 1million young people as school assistants. These were just some of the successes highlighted by the President in the Sona speech.

President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the stage in Cape Town to present the annual State of the Nation (Sona) speech which aims to update the country  on the work of his government. There was good news for those who benefit from the monthly R350 grant.

Hybrid working is not the future of work, it’s the now. And companies that are choosing to accept and embrace this reality are not only enjoying increased staff productivity and improved business performance, but have enhanced their appeal to potential talent and established themselves as preferred employers.

The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA), the country’s highest oversight body for the National Qualifications Framework, has bestowed re-recognition status on the Chartered Institute for Procurement & Supply.

The Durban Automotive Cluster (DAC) is excited to invite applications for this year’s Business Accelerator Programme, backed by key industry players and the eThekwini Municipality. Focused on driving localisation and empowering Black industrialists, the Accelerator offers Black-owned SMEs in the automotive sector, throughout the country, a unique chance for growth, mentorship from industry leaders, and access to big customers and investment opportunities.

Digital technology is reshaping our lives—especially the ways we handle financial transactions. Both consumers and merchants have options, and should exercise them, to fully engage in the digital economy without fear, capitalizing on the myriad of choices and opportunities now available.

Securing accreditation from the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) can provide numerous advantages for a training academy in South Africa. There are several ways in which obtaining accreditation can prove beneficial.

Few people would dispute the importance of customer loyalty for business success. Companies have realised the need to create tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of individual clients.

The start of a new year is the perfect time for reflection. Over the holidays, I revisited my participation at a corporate health and wellness conference in 2016. As a speaker then, I explored “The Value of Sensory Intelligence® for Health and Wellness in the Corporate Industry”.


Sustainability plans may have shifted in a post-pandemic era, but the shape, size, and makeup of supply chains in a bid to build resilience in a firm, can determine how companies become sustainable or not. Bidvest International Logistics shares insights into how companies can enhance their ESG performance by collaborating with suppliers to implement targeted initiatives.

A Critical Assessment of the QCTO’s readiness to implement Occupational Certificate Programmes.

If you are at the phase of life, where you think what is missing within yourself to be the better version of yourself in the workplace. This maybe something you compare to other colleagues in the sense of effectiveness or efficiency or productivity or able to meet those goals that you may have not reached yet.




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