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The Department of Basic Education has extended contracts for teaching assistants. This extension applies to teaching assistants based in the Free State. 

We do not need to start again. We need to start at the top and systematically set NATIONAL standards to skill those SETAs in whose hands all aspects of provider evaluation, learning provision, and learner assessments rest.

The question is, could they not have done better for themselves if they had
been advised regarding less-known options which might lead to more long-term
careers/jobs? Would this not be a way to uplift communities and broaden the
skills base in South Africa?

I believe that issues within the education system need to be sorted before even targeting the motivation behind children.

Labour laws are being portrayed as being one sided and all in favour of the employee.Balancing the rights and obligations of employers and employees.

Do not know if I should say "YES!" or "Oh no!"!!! We are an NPO organization in the process of accreditation with HWSETA. As everyone, who walked this road, will know, it is a long and painful process.

Thank you for your invitation to respond to "the idea embodied in the legislation of employers and employees in the sector coming together to run their own training initiatives, in their own best interests, has failed."
I speak as a service provider who has been involved for several years in provider and assessor accredition processes.

A response to a recent letter we ran on Employment Equity, arguing the other side of the story.

Claudelle astutely notes that there is no obligation for business to engage with SDF's, as the SDF's carry no definable responsibility in the business' structure, and the effects of this apathy on the effectiveness of the system as a whole.




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