If you are a tax paying employee, it is important to know the penalties that will be imposed on you by the South African Revenue Service for non-compliance with tax laws. 


The Unemployment Insurance Fund has been the saving grace for many South Africans in times of unemployment. Given the continuing employment crisis in the country, it is essential that unemployed former workers know how to collect their UIF payouts.

Working individuals in South Africa are expected to pay a tax on their return for as long as their professional careers remain active. However, what happens to these tax obligations when an employee dies?

SARS has just made it easier for employers to register their employees individually with their latest version of e@syFile. The process only involves a few simple steps.

South Africa’s tax authority, SARS has revealed its final revenue collection for the 2022/23 financial year. This results reflected a significant growth trajectory over the past few years.

It is vital for nonprofit organisations (NPOs) to be aware of and comply with regulations affecting the sector, if they are to maintain good governance and continue to attract funding. 


Both individuals and businesses are required to pay tax through on-time submission of returns and payments, to avoid penalties and interest being charged. If you owe money to SARS and need to make payment arrangements.

Individuals employed in South Africa are obliged to pay their taxes through the South African Revenue Services. These tax services can be accessed by logging in to the online platform.


The process of paying your taxes (as a business or an individual) can be managed and completed online, via SARS eFiling. While the process of eFiling might seem daunting, it is a convenient way to file your taxes online.

The South African Revenue Services (SARS) administers a number of Tax Acts, in terms of which money (taxes, duties and levies) is collected and paid into the National Revenue Fund. But why does SARS need to collect tax? 

Taxpayers are required to pay taxes on their income, and each taxpayers tax rate will differ. For example, taxpayers that work for a company may be taxed differently than someone who works as an independent contractor.

SARS eFiling is a free, online process for the submission of returns and declarations and other related services. Taxpayers registered for eFiling can engage with SARS online for the submission of returns and declarations and payments.

Are you wondering how you can get a tax number? We have all the details for you below.

If you did not already know, you can now file your tax returns online via SARS new mobile services.

Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan, released updated tax tables on the 22 February as is customary in the budget speech towards the end of each government financial year.




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