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Few people would dispute the importance of customer loyalty for business success. Companies have realised the need to create tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of individual clients.

The start of a new year is the perfect time for reflection. Over the holidays, I revisited my participation at a corporate health and wellness conference in 2016. As a speaker then, I explored “The Value of Sensory Intelligence® for Health and Wellness in the Corporate Industry”.


Sustainability plans may have shifted in a post-pandemic era, but the shape, size, and makeup of supply chains in a bid to build resilience in a firm, can determine how companies become sustainable or not. Bidvest International Logistics shares insights into how companies can enhance their ESG performance by collaborating with suppliers to implement targeted initiatives.

A Critical Assessment of the QCTO’s readiness to implement Occupational Certificate Programmes.

If you are at the phase of life, where you think what is missing within yourself to be the better version of yourself in the workplace. This maybe something you compare to other colleagues in the sense of effectiveness or efficiency or productivity or able to meet those goals that you may have not reached yet.

Managing your company’s payroll should be a seamless experience, but if your payroll department is constantly in a state of crisis management, it’s highly likely that the payroll solution you’re using is no longer capable of meeting the organisation’s evolving business needs.

As the frenzy around the start of 2024 wears off, business owners and leaders must ensure that their trends watchlist for the remainder of the year includes more than technological advancements.

EduPower provides insight into how integrating Learnerships into your WSP and ATR can elevate your competitive edge.

As more organisations understand that the workplace landscape has permanently changed, the focus in 2024 will be less on how many people come into the office and more on how the office can support people’s needs according to Linda Trim, Director at Giant Leap, one of SA’s largest workplace design consultancies. 

Mental health remains unintegrated and misunderstood across the healthcare sector. South Africans feel let down by the system, which adds to the apathy and fear of seeking treatment.

Having goals at the start of a new year is important. Of course, setting them is easy. However, achieving and maintaining them always prove to be difficult. Dr Annemarie Lombard, Founder, Thought Leader, Workshop Facilitator, and Author at Sensory Intelligence Consulting gives 5 tips on enhancing a work environment.

The role of an ethical hacker, also known as a white hat hacker or penetration tester, is to use their skills and knowledge to identify, analyse, and address security vulnerabilities in computer systems, networks, applications, and other IT infrastructure.

South Africa is a nation rich in diverse cultures and religions, and certain beliefs and practices are deeply ingrained in the lives of those who adhere to them. Indeed, our constitution explicitly acknowledges the country’s multiplicity of cultural and traditional beliefs, and many people consider these to be an integral part of their personal identity.

As South Africa moves into 2024, the landscape of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) is poised for significant shifts. The B-BBEE framework has been a cornerstone of Economic Transformation in our country, aiming to address historical imbalances and promote inclusive Economic Growth. 

Procurement specialist Tsholofelo Tsholofelo explains who will hold sway as the logistics revolution continues. In a world where supply chains are evolving due to digitisation, sustainability, and shifting consumer behaviour, Tsholofelo sheds light on the need for supply chain experts to adapt, emphasising the importance of ethical values and innovation in optimising operations.

The intricate dance between skills development, accreditation and manufacturing growth.

Studying further can have a significant impact on various aspects of your life and while we start the new year with zest and a renewed sense of energy and optimism learning new skills can make an impact on your life.

Burnout is well-recognised for its negative effects on a person’s life and wellbeing, but less well-known is boreout – another sub-optimal state that is prevalent in workplaces and characterised by low motivation, low challenge, and low interest. It usually results from having too little to do, too little autonomy, or too few opportunities to use one’s skills and passions in a way that helps you live up to your full potential at work.

Sensory Intelligence® is excited to announce the launch of its 2024 Practitioners Course. Specially designed for healthcare professionals, coaches, workplace designers, and HR & OD practitioners, this comprehensive course will explore the intricate theories of sensory processing and its applications in improving mental health, relationships, and workplace productivity.

eLearning experienced significant changes this year. Focus shifted from content to employees as L&D professionals pushed for eLearning solutions that support their organizational goals. 





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