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Find everything related to Human Resource right here on the Skills Portal. Human Resource (HR) can be defined as "the personnel of a business or organization, regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities." We've also got the latest on Human Resource Management and ways to simply HR.

At first glance, fixed-term employment contracts may appear to offer a convenient solution for managing workforce needs and circumventing the complexities associated with permanent employment. However, a closer examination reveals that fixed-term employment contracts are far from the straightforward answer they seem to be.

In the South African context unfair discrimination could include, but is not limited to, discrimination on arbitrary or subjective grounds such as race, gender, family responsibility, religion, age, disability, opinion, and trade union affiliation.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) indicates that employees will have 9 – 12 jobs in their lifetime. Salary needs, shifting roles, restructuring, retrenchments, toxic work environments, technology, and flexible work arrangements are common reasons people change jobs.

Companies with high employee engagement tend to have several advantages over those with low engagement, as engaged employees lead to higher retention statistics, increased productivity and job satisfaction – which can all, in turn, improve a company’s reputation and competitive advantage.

Employee absenteeism is one of the biggest financial threats faced by employers. This is firstly because, where employees are absent, the work can either not get done or must be done by other employees who all have their own jobs to do.

Ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time is a non-negotiable priority for all businesses. Accurate payroll fosters trust, enhances job satisfaction and cultivates a positive organisational culture.

Check Point Software Technology a leading AI-powered, cloud-delivered cybersecurity platform provider, is pleased to announce a significant partnership with Falcon Business Institute. This collaboration underscores Check Point SecureAcademy’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity education worldwide.

Celebrity psychologist and international speaker Charissa Bloomberg has a history of applying her skills in the engineering, mining, and construction industries. Here, she shares her approach, from initial needs analysis to the human element that should never be underestimated.

As the Managing Director of leading global relocations company Crown Relocations South Africa, Ian Pettey has witnessed firsthand the myriad challenges employees and their families face when embarking on a journey of international relocation.

The law only allows misconduct if the employee’s misconduct is so serious that it makes continued employment intolerable. One factor that could constitute such intolerability is the employee’s destruction of the trust relationship.

Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling risks to an organisation’s capital, investments, and/or profits.

Employees encounter many disturbances throughout the day. Research conducted by Microsoft suggests that it takes just over 23 minutes for employees to regain focus after being interrupted. 

There is an increasing awareness globally of the impact of ADHD in the workplace. Yet in South Africa, the challenges and opportunities associated with neurodiversity in adults and specifically adults in the workforce, remain comparatively under-examined. This is to the detriment of both affected employees and companies overlooking the value neurodiverse individuals can bring to their teams, a leadership expert says.

When it comes to talent retention in business some analysts think of employees as fixed assets - others look at them more as free agents. We look at the pros and cons of each approach.

With digital permeating every aspect of business operations, the need for streamlined, efficient and scalable processes is more important than ever. This is where software-as-a-service (SaaS) can be game-changing. However, even if your business is considering transitioning to a cloud environment, the benefits can be significant.

When it comes to labour disputes, companies who choose to ignore a judgement handed down by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) do so at their peril.

Increasingly dominated by cloud solutions, the global payroll and HR software market is forecast to top $61 billion by 2030. This growth reflects the shift towards cloud-based payroll and HR systems in businesses of all sizes and across industry sectors.

Costs and benefits remain the two key issues facing the coming NHI Act as it faces certain constitutional challenges according to Neil Kirby, Director and Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Werksmans Attorneys 

In today's highly competitive employment market, securing the most suitable candidates is of paramount importance to the success of a business. Employers must however be careful to vet prospective employees so as to protect the interests of the business.  

Expanding operations across borders is becoming the norm in the modern business landscape, but with this expansion comes the challenge of managing payroll on a global scale.




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