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Companies around the world spend an absolute fortune on ‘rotten apples’ and this doesn’t even take into account the indirect ways these businesses pay for hiring the wrong employee. Productivity, employee morale and client satisfaction are all at stake.

Hiring new employees is never easy. As a human resources manager, you can get a lot of applicants and sifting through those CVs can take up an incredible amount of time. And, while some may be easy to throw out, you’ll probably get a lot of rather capable applicants. But you can’t interview everyone. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Unethical practices within the recruitment industry are unfortunately rife and can result in job-seekers being disappointed, demotivated and even exploited. In many cases, unethical behaviours are not illegal, but they do give the industry a bad reputation.

Greater diversity across the economy is not only a legislative goal, it’s a strategic imperative at South Africa businesses that realise a more representative staffing mix helps to improve corporate performance. Research supports the contention that greater diversity equals greater business success.

As another year draws to a close, many employers and hiring managers will look to take on graduates or school-leavers with no working experience to fill certain posts.

The high unemployment rate makes verifying work history extra important in the current marketplace.

In South Africa’s skilled labour talent pool, there are many candidates who can take your business to new heights and flourish in positions that require advanced knowledge and capabilities.

With the ever widening skills gap present in South Africa, employers and recruiters
need to ensure they are taking all measures possible to attract the right kind of
talent, says Lyndy van den Barselaar, managing director of Manpower South Africa.

Without proper reference checking, the whole screening process of candidates for a
potential job can be jeopardized. This is according to Nritika Singh, MD of Isilumko
Staffing, a national recruitment company, which offers temporary, flexible and
permanent staff.

Regardless of the region or sector companies are struggling to find the people
they need to succeed. How is that possible in a country filled with millions of
unemployed people?

People have differing views on the value of social media recruitment and the
secret is to ensure that as you engage with the different mediums you build a
large network of potential candidates.

An employment reference is more than just a few pleasant words about a
potential employee?s capabilities; it is an opportunity for potential employers
to gain insights into the person?s work ethic, character and values.

A new e-Careers recruitment system has been launched by eThekwini Metro
Municipality to eliminate the stampedes and dangers usually associated with
recruitment processes.

Fraudulent job applications are on the increase as desperation amongst the unemployed grows. But does it really pay to falsify documentation? Network Recruitment MD, Niteske Marshall sheds light on this dangerous practice.

Unfair discrimination in the recruitment and selection process is a delicate matter and HR professionals should be aware of the legislation surrounding this issue. The Employment Equity Act provides strict guidelines around medical testing, psychometric testing and other related practices.

The human resource is only the greatest asset when you place the right people in the right jobs. These are the sentiments of Anil Salick who provides some basic guidelines to determining which candidates will fit the profile and exceed in any given position.

Recruiting the 'right person' for the job has moved up on the list of management priorities as organisations begin to acknowledge the direct and indirect costs associated with hiring the wrong employee, an expense that companies can no longer afford as pressures caused by the economic downturn continue to intensify.

Do you believe the blemish on your criminal record is thwarting your endeavours to obtain employment? Employers' Mutual Protection Service Managing Director, Kirsten Halcrow, recommends observing a full disclosure policy during interviews to avoid misrepresentation.

Psychometric assessments are tests, exercises or questionnaires, designed by psychologists to measure cognition, behavioural and personality constructs of an individual. These tests further establish abilities, values, motivations and their interests or preferences.




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