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Find everything related to Human Resource right here on the Skills Portal. Human Resource (HR) can be defined as "the personnel of a business or organization, regarded as a significant asset in terms of skills and abilities." We've also got the latest on Human Resource Management and ways to simply HR.

Hiring new staff members is never easy. You have to sift through an excessive amount of CVs, just to find a handful of decent candidates. Not to mention the lengthy interview process where you have to weed out the bad seeds through a series of meetings. Finally, you pick an applicant and cross your fingers that you’ve made the right choice.

Owing to the fact that sick leave is fully paid and the employer is obliged to pay out the employee’s full monthly salary on the usual pay day, sick leave abuse remains rife in many workplace environments.

At some point in your career, it’s likely you’ll need to expand your team. When that happens you’ll want to hire the best people.

In today’s highly competitive job market, the hard work of finding and landing one’s dream job can often lead to disappointment and despondency which can cause applicants to drop the ball when they finally get invited for an interview. 

Despite ongoing economic uncertainty, global and South African employers are still feeling the impact of the Great Resignation. Over three-quarters of South African employees (77%) are actively looking for a new job, and it’s not easy to win over top talent, especially in high-demand fields.

Having a contract outlining the ins and outs of your job is important. But what should you do before you sign off on it?

Employees who report employers for committing illegal or otherwise irregular acts are protected, in the first instance, by the Constitution of South Africa. Specifically, section 16 of the Bill of Rights gives everyone the right to freedom of expression and to impart information.


Functioning successfully in the business industry is greatly dependent on one’s ability to attract and maintain customers. Customer relationship courses can help with that. 

Despite the worst of Covid-19 being over, South African businesses continue to feel the impact of the country’s depressed economy. Still recovering from a decade of state capture which cost the nation hundreds of billions of rand as well as the financial fallout from the pandemic, companies now also have to endure near-constant load-shedding and union wage strikes that severely disrupt operations. 

South Africa’s government is seriously considering implementing a 4-day work week. This appears to be in response to the very severe unemployment problem in South Africa. There is almost 40% are out of all the people in this country who are eligible to work (because they are over 14 years of age and below retirement age).

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions have gained significant ground over the past few years. Primarily driven by the pandemic and rapidly changing business expectations, ERP solutions have become more capable, accessible and resilient. 

Very few workplace issues elicit as firmly held views or fears as the topic of constructive dismissal. Whether it is a manager, fearful of doing something wrong and at risk of an employee lodging the dreadful claim of constructive dismissal, or Harvey Spectre wannabes cascading their views on the legal impact of such a claim: say "constructive dismissal" and you have everyone's attention.

In an office full of unique individuals, there is bound to be conflict somewhere along the line.

December is when companies traditionally pay bonuses, and many employees are looking forward to – and banking on – these additional funds. Most staff have gone beyond the call of duty in 2022, dealing with stressful work situations, while facing rising personal costs ranging from transport to food and electricity.

Nakimera, an eighth-grader in Luweero, Uganda eagerly points at the screen and shreaks - The javascript snippet she tediously typed into her html website works! She’s in one of a classes at Kasiiso Secondary School, selected to take part in the coding pilot offered by CodeJIKA to 50 secondary schools in the country.

It’s quite common to not get along with everyone you meet in the workplace. Personalities clash, agendas bump heads, or coworkers just do not see eye to eye.

Tech companies, including Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Microsoft, have made headlines in the past few years for expanding paid maternity, paternity, and adoption leave.

We have all started our day with the best laid plans, only to walk into the office and these to be derailed by a client email or a colleague bursting into our office with an "emergency". 

These days, when you apply for a job and undergo the interviewing process, it takes more than charisma and qualifications to land the job.

Employees must be managed in such a way that it will enhance efficiency and profitability, which implies creating and implementing regulated standards of behaviour. Anja Hartman talks about how to turn nonperforming employees into productive team members.





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