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Executive Education Training provides education for business executives, business leaders and functional managers focused on improving specific leadership skills. Executive education is an important tool for global businesses to nurture top leadership talent. It offers executives new knowledge to enhance skills and gives them the opportunity to step back and gain new perspectives.
In an increasingly complex global business environment, leaders will continue to look for ways to stay ahead of the crowd and make meaningful change, ensuring continued need for high-quality executive education. Companies and their executives are demanding ever more from executive education programs. The curriculum needs to be relevant to global business challenges and must evolve with world trends.

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Articles on Executive Education in South Africa

Lack of trust appears to be a growing problem throughout the workforce today.

Good leaders seem to be in short supply. What does it take to be a leader that others can respect and emulate? Here are ten easy to follow tips to becoming the leader you want to be.

Finding a balance between work and life is an important task, but one that
can be difficult for some, especially when finding yourself in a highly pressured
and demanding career.

In any test of leadership the difference between a good leader and a great
one is the ability to handle relationships. This ability is not necessarily
developed at birth but can be learned.

Just how qualified do you think South African CEO’s are? And what should you study if
your aim is to be the CEO one day? If your ambition is to head up major corporations
it is important to note the qualifications that successful business leaders hold.

How effective are our leaders in the ever changing and chaotic business environment
of the 21st century? Organisations need to ask this question if they hope to see the
business grow through optimum employee performance.

The scandal surrounding UK-based Barclays Bank?s CEO, Bob Diamond, is said to have originated because of the company?s flawed culture. What can SA organisations across all sectors learn from this example, and what role can leaders play in defining the culture of their business?

What are the bad habits that are rendering potential leaders powerless and perpetuating the trend of poor leadership skills in South African businesses? And more importantly how do businesses put an end to these practices? Robashnee Naidoo explains.

As a manager do you understand your role in the organisation? This is one of the top ten things every manager should know to effectively perform their duties and develop a motivated and productive workforce.

Active and constructive dialogue with stakeholders will improve how a company implements its business strategy, help set priorities and help understand the needs of the societies in which a company operates. Stakeholder engagement is a two-way communication where both parties (the company and the stakeholder) can learn from the experience and knowledge of the other.




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