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The term ‘Life Skills’ refers to the skills you need to make the most out of life. Life skills are usually associated with managing and living a better quality of life. They help us to accomplish our ambitions and live to our full potential. There is no definitive list of life skills. Certain skills may be more or less relevant to you depending on your life circumstances, your culture, beliefs, age, geographic location, etc.
Different life skills will be more or less relevant at different times your life, for example:
When at school or university, you'll need study skills
When buying a house, communication skills and negotiation skills may be needed
You'll need to work on your employability skills to get a job
When you have a job, leadership and presentation skills may be useful, along with a whole host of other skills.
When you start a family, time management skills and organisational skills are likely to become important.
There will be times throughout your life when you'll need conflict resolution, stress-management and problem solving skills too.

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Articles on Life Skills

Anglo American Zimele’s sectoral approach to youth development is set to receive a major boost with a possible employment of up to 250 students at a luxury cruise line in June. This follows the announcement of a collaboration between Zimele’s implementation partner in the programme.


Not everyone in the workplace is going to get along with one another, and that is why there are often provisions in place in case a situation were to blow up between co-workers. However, regardless of the workplace provisions, it is important for individuals to do the personal work required to prevent workplace blow-ups.

Are you tired of setting goals that are never achieved? Perhaps you need an external facilitator to help with the process. Find out more about the numerous benefits of hiring a professional.

Part of your job is to make the boss look good, but how can you do that if you are dealing with a difficult boss? How do you make sure you are not adding to the problem? 

While there is no denying the importance of networking in the modern business environment, it is important to note that not all networking is the same. 

Baby Boom co-workers are stuck in a job on a level for years and a millennial counterpart arrives and gets promoted to a managerial position within a year of his/her employment.

Do you believe that negotiating is only for those in high powered positions or top sales jobs? 

Intellectual intelligence (IQ) and technical ability are vital qualities to possess in the workplace. In fact, they can be seen as the entry-level requirements for any career. 

We are all faced with various degrees of fears at some point in our lives and for others it may be an everyday battle. People experience different types of fears.

Anger that we experience is a two-step process. “The first step is feeling some kind of PAIN – be it emotional (eg: loneliness, loss, or rejection) or physical (eg: headache, or stomach-ache),” says Rachel Johnson, owner of Palomino Training Solutions. “This is the fuel of anger, like a can of petrol sitting there.”

In order to remain competitive both locally and in the global economy, and to meet the demands of best practice, businesses require employees to have strong business writing skills.

We communicate with one another in not only the spoken language but other forms as well such as tone of voice, facial expression, eye contact, hand gestures and posture otherwise known as body language. 

Are people skills inherent or can they be developed? It seems that some people are simply born with a level of charm and charisma that endears them to others.

Are you creative? Are you innovative? “I would probably answer that I am a creative person,” says Rachel Johnson, owner of Palomino Training Solutions.

In today’s rat race, it is very important to keep the balance between your work and your personal life.

The concept of New Year's resolutions may be outdated but setting goals is always in fashion.

Do you want to get your driver's licence? Or does the thought of being behind the wheel scare you? Fight your fears and enhance every area of your life through this essential skill.

There are studies that show that reading literature, in particular Novels, improve our ‘theory of mind’ and empathy, and thus understanding how people think and the ability to interpret or experience other’s emotions or feelings.

Being a great mom doesn’t only revolve around you mastering the various types of looks to enforce good behavior. It is not only about you doing better research than the FBI because you worry constantly about your child.

There are some basic skills that every person must master to live a successful and productive life. These are known as life skills and they are critical to every human life regardless of age or culture.




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