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Wisdom is elusive, but education goes a long way to tracking and pinning it down.

Is there really going to be a shortage of artisans as the government goes slow on its planned mega billion infrastructure build programme?

The Seifsa Training Centre will, on 15 May 2015, host its Annual Open Day, which is aimed at showcasing the state-of-the art training facility.

Do you want to be your own boss? Do you like working with your hands? If you think this profession would suit you find out how to start your career.

Helping people become employable is easier than you think. The story of one man's journey from gardener to machine operator will help to inspire you.

The Department of Water and Sanitation’s Learning Academy has made huge strides in attracting young engineers

The Ekurhuleni Artisan and Skills Training Centre has been consistently recognised as
a pioneering organisation in the skills development sector, with award winning
entrepreneur Marthie Jansen van Rensburg at the helm.

The Young Professionals Forum (YPF) is a group of young professionals under the age
of 35, passionate about sustaining and promoting the engineering consulting

Science and Technology Minister Naledi Pandor has urged high school learners,
especially those that are in Grade 10 to 12, to consider taking Maths and Physical
Science so they can study Engineering.

City and Guilds and MerSeta co-host an Engineering Skills Event to exchange
ideas and experiences about how to grow South Africa?s engineering skills for
greater economic participation and growth.

Are you looking for training programmes in the artisan and trades sector?
Make sure you don?t miss out on the winter specials offered by the Ekurhuleni
Artisans and Skills Training Centre.

In order to ensure that one is always in a positive financial situation, it is
important to understand the risks associated with your business and review
or adjust financial policies according to any major changes on a regular basis.

Stakeholders in the tooling industry will meet to discuss international and
regional trade, government regulations, international trading conditions,
trends, new technology and new techniques driving the industry and any
other critical issues of concern.

Engineers from South Africa and other sub-Saharan countries are invited to
enter a major new competition which rewards innovation and
entrepreneurship in engineering.

Although 2014 is expected to be a tough year, the Southern African Institute
of Welding (SAIW) is planning regional expansion with Cape Town and Durban
being the first targets.

The Decade of the Artisan programme, launched by the Department of Higher
Education and Training aims to place artisanship as a career of choice for
young people, with the goal of producing 30 000 artisans annually.

The revitalisation of the training capacity for toolmakers must be
the biggest success story in South African training history, says Vusi Mkhize,
chairman of the Toolmaking Association of South Africa (TASA) Gauteng.

The new Master Toolmaker Progrmme has been launched to equip individuals
with the competency, tools and techniques to succeed in specialist fields
within the manufacturing industry.

The Minister of Higher Education and Training announced, at the start of 2014,
that the country would need to produce more than double the amount of
artisans it is currently generating in order to meet the skills demand.

When school leavers are asked what they want to do post matric, the normal
answer is some or other white collar profession. Yet the majority of
opportunities in South Africa are created through a trade such as welding.

Manufacturers rely on skilled people to operate advanced technology, which is
a basic requirement of the sector. The new Master Toolmaker Programme is
designed to equip individuals with the competency to perform these tasks.

A new welding school is being set up to assist in meeting the demand for
skilled welders in the country. The facility will offer welding skills programmes
and full qualifications.

With the aim of help individuals develop their talents and abilities in the
engineering sector City and Guilds has joined forces with the African Academy to
form an international partnership.

Mechanical engineering students had the opportunity to show off their talents
at the Sasol Baja SAE 2013 inter university design competition. Students were
challenged to design and build off-road vehicles.

Government's decision to focus the country's resources on implementing the
National Development Plan has received support from Consulting Engineers
South Africa .


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