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Distance elearning, sometimes called e-learning, is a formalized teaching and learning system specifically designed to be carried out remotely by using electronic communication. Below are details of elearning companies in South Africa, who offer a range of training courses and elearning programs in South Africa.

Thinking of studying at Unisa? Now is the time to apply for the academic programme of your choice.

In an age where the Internet has given full control of just about every form of
information to a prospective customer, it is impossible to make an impression
in the field of marketing without leveraging the many benefits of digital
marketing technologies.

Despite the increasing focus on digital, many marketers are struggling to
break into the digital sphere. Three online specialists share their expertise
about the growing digital space.

Online education company, GetSmarter, has launched its 2014 Career Guide.
This annual publication is a practical guide in support of life-long learning and
career growth.

Marketing has undeniably become the most fundamental part of any business'
success, and behind all the world's market leaders are dynamic teams of
skilled, creative, and articulate marketing professionals.

Working efficiently will always produce greater results, as being proficient yields bigger
profits. There are many ways to improve efficiency in the office without having to put
a firewall on social networks, or ban cellphones

Read through the checklist of PR best practices created by GetSmarter. If you can?t
tick any of these boxes, perhaps it?s time to reassess your public relations strategy
for the year ahead.

To succeed in a multi-cultural society, businesses should acknowledge the diverse population, respect the individuality of employees and customers, and maintain an environment where everyone is treated with respect. Effective communication will help businesses achieve this goal.

Whether your workplace can be described as a modern office or whether you operate in a typical factory set up there are some basic guidelines every employer should follow when developing the company?s occupational health and safety plan.

If you can identify a product that is produced particularly well in your country, but does not yet exist in a country where it will be demanded, this provides a perfect business opportunity. Pierre Heistein talks about the purpose and benefits of trade.

The planning and execution of important events demands meticulous attention to detail and places great responsibility on the person or company engaged to manage them. Peta Daniel provides some pointers to producing the perfect event.

Dwindling job security and a rising cost of living is prompting more people to seriously consider the viability of starting their own business. But is a home-based business in fact a smart move? Greg Evans says evaluating your potential business needs is the first step to answering that question.

In project management, the aim is always to achieve the project?s goal while working within the time and resource constraints and capitalising on those things that are available to you. Here are the five stages of project management.

Rewarding your employees is important as it will help them to stay motivated and competitive, and can act as a sort of training tool, showing them what kind of behaviour is met with rewards, and what isn?t.

Matrics who don't have the opportunity to study further should thoughtfully review the many alternatives, when planning for the future. Anna Malczyk highlights four options available to schools leavers that could be the entryway to a prosperous career.

Investment can be a profitable yet tricky exercise. If you are in the market to invest and don't know where to begin follow these five simple tips to getting you started on the right investment path.

For many people, the idea of combining decadent dining and becoming a feature writer is the ultimate dream job but while the idea might be appealing it's also very hard work, and few people succeed in becoming fulltime writers.

Health and safety plans are often disregarded because of the misconception that developing an effective plan is a waste of company time and resources despite the numerous reports which prove that healthy workers are more productive, happy and motivated.

What does it take to become a paralegal? If administration is your strong point and you are looking for something a little more challenging than picking up the phone and putting it back down again perhaps a career as a paralegal is the answer. Learn more about the responsibilities and the opportunities available in this profession.

Project management is no walk in the park as seen on 'The Apprentice' which shows the realities of leading teams and the challenges project managers face when attempting to simultaneously organise, delegate and deal with a variety of personalities.




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