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There’s a quiet global revolution in the making and it has nothing to do with any kind of ideological radicalism.

A counsellor who has had a long career focused primarily on couple’s counselling and support for abused women will put another thought-provoking topic on the table at the SACAP Psychology Talk in Johannesburg.

Does your business show symptoms of spreadsheet abuse? On the one hand you may shudder at the thought of “expelling” Excel because you find it difficult to image how else to delve into your business data.

The objective of the synocromatic women’s month celebration held on 13 August at the Protea Hotel in Samrand, was to create a platform where women could reflect on their lives, be inspired and motivated and where knowledge could be shared.

Spring Day. For many senior executives it has little significance. The PA brings in fresh flowers and the girls in accounts wear bright primary colours and maybe floral patterns. After that it’s back to business as usual.

Thanks to the advent of advanced analytics (in particular big data) we can now integrate measures of past performance with highly accurate predictions of future performance.

One of our previous lessons took us through Empathy and what it is, as well as the importance of empathising with others to provide this essential Psychological oxygen.

By 2040, Africa will have the largest young workforce, with almost 200 million Africans aged between 15 and 24.

Businesses don’t fail, leaders do. In the words of Henry A. Kissinger.

The reality of today’s world is that time has become a hinder for most of us due to the demand to do more in less time - this can easily consume us on a daily basis especially in our jobs.

The business world today is a highly competitive and fast-paced environment in which the rapid creation and delivery of high quality products and services is critical to business survival.

When you’ve spent hours upon hours honing a strategy and translating it into a Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard, it is easy to forget that it doesn’t occupy the same mindshare across the organisation.

Senior executives who seem stuck on a never-ending plateau in their career should investigate whether their halt in upward mobility is potentially linked to a so-called derailer in their leadership makeup, an expert says.

Progression’s recently launched Assessment Centre is happy to announce that it will be introducing a new Disability event to its clients in September.

False Bay TVET College hosted a Principals’ Breakfast at their Central Office, Conference Centre in Muizenberg.

What is the difference between Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other online learning platforms?

Joel Oosthuizen explores the different elements within agile transformation management.

Being successful in an online college program doesn’t happen by chance. Students who are intentional about locating the right resources, prioritizing their academic responsibilities, and crafting an overall plan will leverage the benefits available through an online degree program.

In today's competitive business environment, we know just how important it is to develop your skills and ensure your strategy management expertise remains current.

Today’s leadership requires an in-depth understanding that South Africa’s destiny as an emerging market economy is linked to leadership capabilities.

Limited registrations available for SAPICS regional supply chain conferences so apply now.

The Digital Academy is part of how Barclays Africa is changing the way we develop our digital products, while supporting the people who build them.

Access Trust and False Bay TVET College celebrate a successful collaboration at the TVET GAP graduation ceremony hosted 27 July 2016, at False Bay TVET College Khayelitsha Campus.

It is crucial to first bed down the methodology, concepts and techniques before implementing a Data Warehouse or Business Intelligence solution using software tools.

In this thriving Information Age companies have a greater responsibility to protect any personal information that passes through its records.


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