The ‘corporate jungle’ is hardly a flattering term for the management suite, but some similarities have to be acknowledged. Survival is a vital issue in both scenarios. Predatory instincts can be an asset along with the ability to mark and defend territory when necessary.

Tourism Deputy Minister Tokozile Xasa called on young people to consider taking tourism as a career.

On average two construction workers die every week. The aim of the revised construction regulations is to place legal responsibilities on all key stakeholders in the construction industry to address and radically improve health and safety. Phillip Verwey, a health and safety specialist, talks about the impact of the amended regulations.

False Bay TVET College (FBC) are the latest recipients of MTN Qubeka Bicycles. The College received a total of 32 bicycles distributed to NC (V) Level 2 students. Students were ecstatic about receiving a means by which to get to campus, not being forced to travel or walk to College anymore.

A total of 790 artisans in various fields are receiving training in KwaZulu-Natal as part of the Human Resource Development Council (HRDC) Secretariat programme.

Strong leadership has been identified as an instrumental part of any functional, profitable business.

A bursary from the South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) has meant the realisation of a dream for young engineer Gideon Machete. Now that he has graduated, his months spent gaining invaluable hands-on experience at SANRAL’s Centre of Excellence in Port Elizabeth will boost his career on a safe journey ahead.

A national skills programme is changing the lives of young South African women and is proving that no job is too tough for girls.

If you know anything about me, you will know that I am somewhat of an experimenter with respect to instructional design. This is because I learn best through trial and error.  An aspect in training that has always got me thinking is the use of groups in class. In fact I have been so challenged by this aspect that I registered my Masters’ Degree in the field of Cooperative Learning, which is a fancy name for group learning.

False Bay TVET College recently hosted their Annual Top Achiever and Diploma Ceremony at Heathfield High School.

The search for South Africa’s supreme office professional is now underway. The event will be hosted by Rexel Office Products South Africa and the Association for Office Professionals of South Africa.

The economic crisis has not been kind to South African business. Many companies are reviewing budgets and often training is the first item to fall by the wayside. But is that really the best way to cut costs when business is down?

Call centres are much like governments or sports referees. When they are good, nobody comments, but when they are bad, they dominate conversations.

Since selling became a recognised profession, countless sales training organizations, sales gurus, writers and sales people of all sorts, have attempted to create effective cold calling techniques.

"After each customer interaction, notice if you gave them a 'happy to see you' kind of experience." ~ Marilyn Suttle

Business owners, especially new entrepreneurs, are always grappled by the challenge of how to get potential customers to become aware of the services and products they offer. Recent statistics based on a Nielsen study* revealed that 92% of consumers believe recommendations from friends and family over all other forms of advertising.

It was announced, 2nd of June 2015 that CTU Training Solutions has been selected as a finalist for the worldwide learning eXperience Partner of the Year Award 2015.

There is a need for South Africa to produce more Marine, Forestry and Fisheries’ scientists, says Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Senzeni Zokwana.

Company executives are pragmatic about profit. They may be innovative, but they remain practical. They do what works or has good prospects of working. Even the most forward-thinking corporate leaders are rooted in the real world. They know today’s earnings enable tomorrow’s growth.

Faculty Training Institute (FTI), a training company celebrated for its business analysis, project management, enterprise architecture and testing training, has announced plans to completely revamp its signature Business Analysis portfolio in order to align it with current industry trends and legislative updates.

Government is committed to promoting digital inclusion where individuals and communities will be able to access and use Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

Markets in Africa beckon innovative business leaders who can harness the potential of local resources to expand their organisations and realise new growth opportunities.

Recently, research firm Gartner released a report on the importance of the Internet of Things (IoT), a buzzword that simply refers to the connectivity of physical objects, devices and products not technically considered computers.


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