They say there are no guarantees in life, this is especially true in the world of business. Lesanne Brooke examines the choices available to business leaders during uncertain times.

Project management is about developing and implementing a product, service, event or facility within a predetermined time frame, budget and quality parameters.

In today’s era of digital innovation, tech-savvy start-ups can launch new services and products at lightning speed. Some examples of companies that have done just this include WhatsApp, the mobile messaging platform that Facebook acquired for $19 billion in 2014.

Administrative assistants are in place to support a company, team or manager. Although they act as the lifeblood for most businesses, there is a common misconception that it’s an easy job.

Human Resources specialist Lizanne de Jong teaches women how to address work colleagues with confidence.

Progression, one of South Africa’s leading human resource development and transformation solutions providers, is pleased to announce that it will be establishing new operations in Melbourne Australia this year.

Training is commonly one of the first budgets to get slashed when finances are tight. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of you training budget in 2015.

We easily digress from our plans and intentions. To overcome this problem, start by reflecting on some simple questions like what are the basic time management principles? and what can be done to get the most out of a time management initiative?

The first Seta-accredited skills programme to improve positive workplace communication by supervisors, line managers and team or section leaders to employees answerable to them is now available.

In the current economic downturn, people want to know what to do when times are tough. The truth of the matter is that when markets are buoyant, clients are often more optimistic and open to change. There are 4 key habits that we can apply when the going gets tough.

Accountability can be defined as taking ownership of ones behaviour and the
responsibility to perform both individually and in teams says Helene Vermaak, Director
at The Human Edge.

The phrase 'data warehousing' might sound intimidating and complicated but Susan
Andre explains this concept and makes it easy to understand while describing how it
can be used to benefit your business.

Social media occupies a central role in today’s brand and consumer interaction space.
Yet many brands rush into social media without putting a coherent strategy in place
that covers resourcing, objectives and execution for their social media platforms.

Cloud computing and mobile business solutions are clearing the way for companies to
be more agile and efficient in the way that they use technology to support their
training efforts.

For learners who are talented but achieved matric results that don’t reflect their true
capabilities, the AAA School of Advertising has introduced an extended BA Degree at
their Randburg campus.

Although the fight is not over, tremendous progress has been made in the last few
years in the testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS. The most important factor in the fight
is access to useful information.

In SA, low growth, embattled consumers and plunging business confidence create an
environment that is placing many organisations in crisis and not many executives are
eager to lead in these difficult times.

In a world where distractions are in heavy supply and where marketing is in low
demand, companies need to start thinking about consumers' time and attention as a
form of currency.

Plans by government to start classes in 2015 at Taung Hotel School are well
underway, North West MEC for Tourism Desbo Mohono said after her visit to the

Widespread unemployment among South African youth paints a bleak picture but there
are pockets of opportunity that give young people - who don’t have tertiary
education or extensive work experience- the chance to succeed.

We tend to have varying perceptions of time. If you have a fantastic weekend, time
flies. If you are sitting in a queue at SARS, time drags. But time neither speeds up nor
slows down. It’s simply our perceptions of those situations that change.

Integrated reporting requires consistent reviewing of how the organisation adds value
to the widest range of stakeholders. This honest and transparent review on a
continuous basis ensures that an organisation is performance-driven.

As competition mounts in the global marketplace leaders are being expected to do
more with less. Elmarie Pretorius gives advice on how to manage the daily stresses
and pressures of running a business.


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