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The education department has announced several changes in the hope of improving education outcomes in South Africa. One significant change has been revealed in the 2024 school calendar covering school terms and school holidays.

The Eastern Cape is home to one of the biggest school infrastructure backlogs and the issue of pit latrines is still much a big problem in the province. Recent calls to government have increased to do more to rid South Africa of pit toilets.

The Department of Basic Education is progressing with its plans to introduce a new school certificate for Grade 9 learners in South Africa. However, the full roll-out has now been pushed back to a later date.

School learners throughout the country will not resume school as usual on Monday next week. However, the reason for school closures is not linked to planned mass protest action on the same day.

While it has been nearly two months since the release of the 2022 final Matric results, there remains a group of learners who may not have achieved their desired outcome and as a result, are in doubt about the validity of their exam results.

The minister of basic education has set the record straight on who is responsible for determining teacher salary increases. This came after they faced questions regarding the employment of teachers.

The Gauteng Province has announced just how it plans to allocate a portion of its 2023 budget. This is part of the province's commitment to creating an inclusive economy.

Annually, government presents its Budget for the year, highlighting plans of expenditure for the financial year going forward. This year's Budget Speech focused on a number of areas of concern, including the education sector.

Although the 2023 school year is in full swing, many learners have been unable to make it to school due to the continuous blockage of learner transport. 

A sizeable portion of Grade 1 learners have entered the school system for the first time this year, but sadly, a large number of that group will not make it to the end of matric. Many of South Africa's children are meant to be inside a classroom everyday, but some have chosen not to do so and have instead found themselves on other paths. 

Prior to coastal schools reopening for 2023, Western Cape Education Department was expecting over 1 million learners to return to class. However, this department is currently faced with the ordeal of high volumes of late applications since the school year started.


The increasing number of pregnant teenage girls in schools has become quite concerning. During a gathering recently held in Kimberley, it emerged that the school dropout rate due to pregnancy is also on the rise. 

A quarter of parents did not paid school fees at the end of the 2022 school year. This is according to a survey released by a credit bureau. Some experts have since weighed in on the matter at hand and the underlying causes. 


With less than a month into the new academic year, safety at schools has once again come into question following several incidents of violence and bullying on school grounds.

Many matriculants are satisfied with the results they achieved in their Grade 12 exams. However, matriculants who are unsatisfied with their results can potentially improve their marks without having to rewrite their exams.


More than 1000 learners in Gauteng did not know where to go on the first day of school. Through no fault of their own, the provincial education department had not yet found placement for these learners at schools in the province before the school year got underway.


Youth unemployment remains one of the greatest challenges faced in South Africa. In order to effectively address the issue, government has suggested that additional subjects are implemented within the education system. 

Frustrations are building amongst parents whose children are still unplaced within Gauteng schools for Grades 1 and 8, with many feeling that having to apply online is where the root of the problem lies. 

The school year has officially began and many are already looking forward to upcoming holidays and school breaks. Here's all you need to know about 2023 school terms.

While the recent release of matric results was a source of pride for the class of 2022 who managed to add a slight increase to the overall pass-rate, the newly released results have also garnered scathing criticism from other stakeholders in the sector, most notably trade unions.




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