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For months, Unisa has been at the centre of controversy over a report that exposed alleged maladministration and poor financial management. Since then, Minister Blade Nzimande’s has attempted to place Unisa under administration, but these efforts have been consistently halted. 

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has been in hot water throughout recent months, leading the Minister of Higher Education to weigh in and place the institution under administration. Unisa has since responded to the Minister's decision. 

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has been in hot water throughout recent months, with shocking maladministration revelations brought to the forefront. The Minister of Higher Education has weighed in. 

In the historically male-dominated engineering field, South African women are breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and making significant strides. As the nation progresses towards greater gender equality across various career fields, more women are opting for careers in STEM, and in particular, engineering.


The start of each academic year is often marked by student protests, and this year was no different. Questions have been raised about what the Department is doing to combat the issues that lead to these protests to prevent this from occurring in years to come.

Several funding opportunities have been introduced for students pursing post-graduate studies in STEM careers. These funding options are aimed to help and support students pursuing advanced degrees in these fields.

Finances might the obstacle that stands between you and your dream, but it’s important that you explore the funding options that you can take advantage of before pursuing your studies in any institution of higher learning.


Recent allegations of corruption, fraud, and bad administration have been raised against several institutions of Higher Education. As a result, the government has implemented measures to address these problems.

With institutions of Higher Education increasing the cost of tuition and registration fees every year, thousands of students have trouble securing funding to pay for their fees. Government has revealed plans that aim to address this.

Hours before mid-year examinations were set to commence at the University of Fort Hare in the Eastern Cape, parts of the campus were set on fire and vandalised. The institution has launched a full investigation into the incident.

The Department of Higher Education and Training is making a number of interventions, aimed at tackling youth unemployment. These interventions will benefit thousands of graduates without any prospective employment opportunities.


In today's rapidly evolving professional landscape, the importance of ongoing learning and development cannot be overstated. Professional development and continuing education play an important l role in enhancing skills, expanding knowledge, and staying competitive in one's field. 

There are a number of unregistered and unaccredited institutions of higher learning. This leaves both students and parents falling victim to scams, however, some efforts are being made to resolve this.


The Department of Higher Education has been attempting to improve the higher education sector for some time now, with a number of plans and strategies being implemented to reach this goal. However, there is still a significant amount of work to be done.

More young people must consider enrolling in vocational training programmes at public colleges in South Africa to achieve the goals set out in the National Development Plan. The higher education department will also look to ensure individuals have relevant opportunities after completing their training.

According to the Department of Higher Education, South Africa's labour force showed signs of improvement in 2022, yet significant challenges remain. Data, sourced from the Quarterly Labor Force Survey, highlights the key trends and profiles within the labour market.

South Africa is set to benefit from the establishment of two new universities. This, along with several infrastructure projects at existing institutions will support the more than 2 million students in the post school education sector.


The Department of Higher Education and Training has highlighted the pressing need to provide education and training to adults who lack basic literacy skills. Despite significant progress in eradicating illiteracy, the country still grapples with a concerning number of functionally illiterate adults. 

Having a high number of doctoral graduates has several benefits for countries that are looking to expand their research output, as well as maintain a vast labour force in their universities. This also enables a nation to build more tertiary institutions while maintaining a globally competitive academic research base.

Incidents of Gender-Based Violence at higher education institutions remain an ongoing concern that urgently needs to be addressed and researched. Government has put additional measures in place that aims to curb these incidents at the country’s universities.




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