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Some learners will no be satisfied with the results they achieved during the November 2023 IEB matric exams. These learners can register for the IEB matric supplementary exams. 

Independent Examinations Board (IEB) matric candidates who requested a remark for their supplementary grade 12 examinations can now see the outcome of this. The board released remark results on Thursday. 

Although the 2022 IEB matric class achieved outstanding results, with a pass rate of over 98%, learners who wish to improve their results will now have an opportunity to rewrite the examinations.

Learners around the country have received their results for the Grade 12 Examinations. While many will be satisfied with the results, there are options available to learners who were not satisfied with their results.


For many young people finishing high school, tertiary education is an attractive but daunting prospect. While parents may encourage them to pursue higher education, the working world and educational offerings have shifted substantially in the past decades, making it difficult for parents to navigate the available options too.

Many matric learners left their Maths Paper Two exam feeling deeply distressed due the paper containing a question that was "impossible to solve." 

The countdown to the matric final exams has begun, with only a month left before grade 12 learners have to take those all-important tests. However, the disruption of loadshedding looms above their heads as they prepare to push through the upcoming exam season. 

As matriculants around South Africa prepare for their final school examinations, many will feel stressed and anxious about the upcoming exams. The results they receive will affect the next step of their educational journey, however, cheating could derail their plans completely.


If you’re feeling the stress of the upcoming Matric exams, the best thing that you can do is connect with those who can help and learn something new about how you can best re-frame the experience.


The wait is almost over for more than 290 000 individuals who participated in the 2022 May/June matric examinations. The education department has revealed that candidates in some provinces may need to wait a bit longer to learn the outcome of their examinations.

The wait is almost over for thousands of young people who participated in the 2022 May/June Grade 12 examinations. This as the results of the examinations will be released later this week.


As we enter the second half of the 2022 academic year, grade 12 learners around the country will be preparing for their final school examinations. This is also true for learners who attend independent schools. 




The implementation of the Senior Certificate could have ceased as early as 2023, as the higher education department readied itself for the implementation of its replacement.


The prospects of finding a job in South Africa is difficult enough as the unemployment rate hovers around 34%. This rate only rises when taking a look at youth and especially individuals who have not completed Grade 12. One initiative introduced to help young people obtain their Grade 12 qualification will now be supported to ensure greater success.


Nearly 300 000 individuals will be travelling to 5 236 exam centres around South Africa to participate in the upcoming mid-year matric examinations with the hope of obtaining either a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or a Senior Certificate (SC).


Many people have lost or misplaced crucial documents related to their time in school. Here’s what it will now cost to get these documents replaced. 

Matriculants who want to register for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations in May/June have less than a week to apply as the application date approaches.

Many learners who were not satisfied with their matric results, may want to improve their results. However, not all of these learners will qualify for the upcoming supplementary examinations. 

Hundreds of thousands of matriculants received their results last week.  However some will want to improve their results during the May/June supplementary examination season. 

Matriculants around the country have received their National Senior Certificate (NSC) results after the 2021 Matric exam season.




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