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Thousands of learners are expected to participate in the May/June 2023 matric examinations. The education department has now released the timetable, allowing learners to begin their preparations for the important examinations. 

At the beginning of the 2022 academic year, the Department of Higher Education and Training had discovered two registered private colleges, with one of them having an expired accreditation certificate. Umalusi has been working to resolve issues of this nature in a number of institutions.


Some education experts have revealed that South Africa’s adult literacy is lower than other developing countries. Fortunately, the Department of Basic Education does have an opportunity for these adults to take another shot at their education.


While the Independent Examinations Bureau matric class of 2022 achieved a pass rate of above 98%, unsuccessful learners have an opportunity to rewrite their exams. These learners are encouraged to register before the closing date this month.  


Many matriculants are satisfied with the results they achieved in their Grade 12 exams. However, matriculants who are unsatisfied with their results can potentially improve their marks without having to rewrite their exams.


Thousands upon thousands of students who sat for their Matric exams last year have been disappointed – or worse – by the recent release of their final results by the Department of Basic Education. 

With the 2022 matric class achieving a 80.1% pass rate for the National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams, many have questioned whether there are options available for unsuccessful candidates or those who are dissatisfied with their results.


The Department of Basic Education has admitted that it continues to witness the ripple effect of the Covid-19 pandemic, hence matric results have been released late due to the disruptions. However, individuals that have passed their matric are being accommodated to gain admission in tertiary institutions.


Not too long ago, the matric class of 2022 received their final results. A teacher union has since congratulated the teachers and learners who are behind the upward trajectory of the National Senior Certificate pass rate.


The Minister of Basic Education has officially announced the final National Senior Certificate results for the 2022 matric year, showing a 3.7 percentage point improvement in the pass rate to 80.1%.

The 2022 matric class shines with the second highest pass rate since 2019, despite having worked through numerous challenges amid the Covid-19 pandemic and rolling power cuts.

Mathematics is recognised as a challenging subject for some learners. However, when matric candidates complained that one question was “unsolvable”, the quality assurance body was forced to investigate the veracity of claims made by many learners.


So many emotions have been felt by matriculants all over the country as the Matric results pass rate went up nicely. Department of Basic Education Minister, Angie Motshekga, finally took to the podium on Thursday evening to announce the 2022 matric results and the great performance by the learners.

Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, recently placed a stamp of approval on the 2022 National Senior Certificate (NSC) exam results. However, the council has raised concerns about a number of issues. 

South Africa’s examinations quality assurance body Umalusi has approved the 2022 private and public-school matric results for release on Thursday. However, it appears that a number of learners may not receive their results.

After a lengthy waiting period, the 2022 matric results have finally been given the greenlight by Umalusi just days ahead of their expected release. Despite being cleared for issue, the batch of examination results did not come without their share of irregularities.

While the 2023 school year has begun in several provinces in South Africa, grade 12 learners are still awaiting to learn how they did in their final school examinations. The date the results are set to be released has raised questions about the impact it could have on tertiary education admissions.


Thousands of matric candidates will be eagerly awaiting the release of their final school examination results. The education department is confident the results will be delivered to candidates next week.


As the Grade 12 class of 2022 eagerly await the release of their final examinations results, the education department is preparing its second chance programme which provides the opportunity for learners to improve their results.


The wait for the outcomes of the 2022 final matric exams is nearing its end, as the education department has confirmed that the review of the matric results is on track.




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