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If you have been considering registering for a qualification at the University of South Africa, you will be pleased to know that there is still time to do so, as the university has recently extended its registration deadline. However, this only applies to certain qualifications

South Africa’s biggest distance learning university has been receiving negative media regarding the quality of qualifications. This led to some of the university’s alumni panicking and prospective students being in doubt. 

Unisa is the largest higher education institution in South Africa. The university recently announced that allowance payments to NSFAS funded students have commenced.

Unisa offers study opportunities to over 370 000 students from across South Africa, Africa and other parts of the world. In recent years, graduation ceremonies were disrupted at the university, but have recently resumed. 

Unisa will no longer be issuing certificates to students. The university announced this on Thursday afternoon. 

Tensions are high at Unisa, as some students at the university have not been receiving enough assistance. 

Unisa has extended the submission date of assignments. The university confirmed this, following the extension of the academic year. 

Unisa has announced that it will only have one examination period in 2021. The university's registration period is currently underway until 12 March. 

Many students hoping to be enroled to study at Unisa will have to think again, as the university will be accepting less students in 2021. 

People often ask “are entrepreneurs born or are they made?” 

Thinking of studying at Unisa? Now is the time to apply for the academic programme of your choice.




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