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Students receive comprehensive funding from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme that aims to cover all the costs related to their studies. However, recent developments indicate that the allowance provided for student accommodation may not be enough.  

Since the National Student Financial Aid Scheme became a bursary, it has managed to reach a great number of students and made tertiary education much more accessible. In the current financial year, the Scheme has reached its newest milestone. 


Understanding how to sign up for the newly introduced NSFAS Bank account has become ever more crucial as the bursary scheme sets its sights on funding tertiary students for the current academic year. This means that the bursary scheme has already outlined some of the guidelines that benefiting students need to familiarise themselves with when activating it.

South Africa's current socioeconomic outlook will soon take the centre stage in this year's budget speech. Experts have weighed in on what the Finance Minister will likely focus on and factors that will impact his speech 

While NSFAS gears up to fund all qualifying students for the current academic year, the bursary scheme has come under scrutiny over the spending of allocated funds.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme announced it would have a ‘delay free’ start of the 2023 academic year, as necessary measures had been put in place. Unfortunately, the scheme has been faced with student backlogs on its applications.


One important consideration individuals make before enrolling in a higher education programme is affordability. This is because the cost of tertiary education can serve as a barrier to many people wanting to obtain academic qualifications.


For over two decades, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme has been providing financial aid to students in public universities and Technical Vocational Education and Training Colleges. The government bursary scheme has introduced a new way of paying out allowances to its bursary recipients.


Last week the National Student Financial Aid Scheme said it was all systems go to fund eligible students for the 2023 academic year and students have now been informed of the outcome of their bursary applications.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provincially accepted approximately 613,000 online funding applications for 2023. The Scheme has released its funding list to tertiary institutions across the country and brought help closer to its recipients.


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme received over 1 million applications from students hoping to study at tertiary institutions in 2023. However, not all students who submitted applications qualify for funding.

More than 1.6 millions applications were submitted by students hoping to be funded by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme in 2023 academic. Now, many of these applicants are awaiting feedback from the bursary scheme. 


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides comprehensive bursaries to deserving students at public tertiary educational institutions in South Africa. This included providing improved allocation to students studying at public colleges.

The cost of the tertiary education extends beyond the tuition fees of an academic programme. The higher education bursary scheme wants to ensure that students are adequately supported on their education journey.

The number of students set to benefit from the National Student Financial Aid Scheme is approaching new highs. In 2023, around 900,000 are expected to receive Nsfas funding.


The South African government will provide its higher education bursary scheme with more than R40 billion to fund thousands of students obtaining tertiary education qualifications. These students will receive comprehensive bursaries.

The cost of tertiary education may prevent thousands of students from obtaining qualifications that can increase their prospect of finding employment. Students are reminded that this is the last day they can apply for a bursary that covers all aspects of their studies.  


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme’s promise of a delay-free 2023 academic year has prompted several changes as well as the implementation of two new communication methods.

Thousands of students wanting to enrol in academic programmes at institutions of higher learning will require funding for their studies. Students who unsuccessfully applied for the National Student Financial Aid Scheme bursary now have an opportunity to submit an appeal.


Ever since the birth of the #FeesMustFall movement, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) has gone from being a student loan to being a bursary that supports a great number of individuals that were in need of funding their tertiary qualification. However, the government bursary scheme strictly funds students who meet its eligibility criteria.





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