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South Africa is facing a nurse shortage, with a nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:218 and a total shortage of over 44,700 professionals. To resolve these shortages, the Department of Health has made necessary plans in healthcare.


The nursing profession is in high demand in South Africa due to a critical shortage of nurses. It is for this reason that both public and private institutions have an offering nursing qualifications that interested individuals may apply for.


Several health care organisations have expressed concern over the critical shortage of nurses in the country, while student nurses took protest action demanding to be placed under community service programmes.

Becoming a nurse can be a challenging yet rewarding career path, especially as South Africa faces a lack of qualified and registered nurses. As a certified healthcare worker, you will be able to use your skills to serve in your community, work in private practice, or provide home care.

South Africa is a lacking a number of critical skills, one of which is Nursing. There are continuous investments being made within the field of Nursing, particularly for those who are pursing certain Nursing qualifications. 

If you are a caring, empathetic, and compassionate person and think nursing may be the profession for you, there are many nursing colleges in South Africa where you can put those skills to great use.

Nurses plays an essential role in society. If you want to become a nurse or join the nursing profession, the first step would be to acquire the necessary training and qualifications.  

Becoming an auxiliary nurse in South Africa can be a rewarding way to help others and serve your community. However, there are costs and requirements  associated with obtaining the title.

People generally associate nursing with bedside care but there are many career opportunities for these medical professionals.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is calling on countries to train more nurses as a catastrophic global shortage looms. This sentiment was echoed in South Africa as the health minister acknowledged that the government must employ more healthcare workers.


Medical students in South Africa must complete practical training to demonstrate competence before they begin work. However, the country’s nursing regulatory body is being accused of blocking the training of new nurses by private hospitals.


South Africa’s health system will be boosted after the graduation of around 600 students from Cuban Universities. This comes as a welcomed relief as provinces require boots on the ground.





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