r350 grant increase 2022


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Qualifying unemployed individuals may apply for the Social Relief of Distress Grant online. Before individuals can be provided with the outcome of their social grant application, the grant goes through a number of processes.


More than 7 million people are currently benefiting from the R350 grant monthly. Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria are encouraged to submit a R350 grant application for December 2023.


Millions of people living in South Africa rely on grants from Sassa. The agency responsible for paying these grants has revealed the payment dates for the next year.

When applying for a grant, individuals are required to submit documents to support their application. The documents required by the South African Social Security Agency may differ depending on the grant an individual is applying for.

The South African Social Security Agency distributes social grants to millions of people each month. These individuals rely on monthly Sassa payments to purchase their most basic needs.  



Staying informed about grant payment dates means avoiding any possible delays or similar complications. Sassa has released the July schedule for the payment of social grants, as well as available collection options.

A rejected R350 grant application can be frustrating if you have reasons to feel that this has been done unjustifiably. Luckily, Sassa also offers beneficiaries a chance to appeal a R350 grant application. Keeping track of the application's outcome is just as important.

There is no fixed payment date for the Social Relief of Distress Grant, it is important that recipients check for their payment date and balance before making withdrawals at various payout points.

The Social Relief of Distress grant is a form of financial assistance provided to unemployed people living in South Africa. If you were rejected from receiving the grant for July 2023, you may submit an appeal application before the upcoming deadline. 

South Africa has high levels of inequality, with millions of people struggling to put food on the table and make ends meet. Many experts have been engaging in talks about implementing a Universal Basic Income Grant as a means of putting an end to poverty in the country. 


In 2023, Sassa Grant beneficiaries will receive two rounds of increases with one already having taken place. With July on the way, it's important for beneficiaries to know how much there Sassa payments will be.

More than 18 million permanent social grants are distributed by the South African government to assist vulnerable people living in the country. Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria for these social grants are encouraged to apply.

Unsuccessful R350 grant applicants submit appeal appeals in the hope of receiving some financial support at the end of the process. These individuals can track the progress of their appeal application online.

Despite the millions of people currently benefiting from the R350 grant, many vulnerable people who applied for the grant were rejected from receiving the grant. These individuals can submit a R350 grant appeal application in June 2023. 


If you have applied for a Sassa grant for June 2023, or have submitted an appeal, you can track the status of your application and/or appeal with a few simple steps.

Although June is in its second week, Sassa is still paying out the R350 grant to all qualifying beneficiaries who have applied. Beneficiaries who are eagerly awaiting updates on their application status for the current cycle now have convenient options to verify their application outcome. 

The Sassa Gold Card is used by many social grant recipients across the country to collect grant payments. It is thus not surprising that the expiration of these cards has raised concerns. This has cast doubt on the agency's ability to disburse social grant payments to this cohort of grant beneficiaries.

As many existing beneficiaries may be aware, Sassa administers the R350 grant entirely online. However, throughout the course of its initial cycle, the system encountered challenges that result in delayed grant payments.

Millions of financially disadvantaged South Africans rely on the South African Social Security Agency for the provision of social grants. In return, the agency requires beneficiaries to be aware of circumstances and reasons under which their grant payment may be stopped.        

Sassa is currently paying out permanent social grants for June, however, since the South African Post Office is currently undergoing liquidation, concerns have been raised over the agency’s ability to disburse social grants. 




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