r350 grant increase 2023


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Being aware of your Sassa grant payment date empowers you to effectively manage your monthly finances. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Sassa grant payment dates for June 2024, including specific dates and grant value increases.

Sassa can suspend your grant payment if you don't follow these instructions. Here's how to avoid the suspension of your Sassa grant. 

The value of the SRD Grant has increased to R370. This major change to the grant has got many beneficiaries wondering whether or not they need to reapply for the grant. 

There are millions of R370 grant applications being evaluated by Sassa every month. Here's when beneficiaries will be required to do a facial recognition check. 

Millions of people receive Sassa grants monthly. If you applied to be a Sassa grant beneficiary, you can do a Sassa status check to see whether or not your application was successful. 

Millions of grants are paid every month to assist vulnerable South Africans cover the costs to survive. Here's how to apply for a social grant if you are in need. 

Sassa is assessing millions of applications for the SRD grant. Here's a guide to checking if your SRD grant was approved for June 2024. 

Millions of people are set to receive social grant payments in May 2024. The grant payment agency has begun the process of distributing grants this month. 

Wondering if your SASSA SRD grant application was approved? A quick status check can give you the answer! This guide outlines two simple methods to check your SASSA SRD grant payment status.

Millions of vulnerable people living in South Africa rely on social grants to purchase basic goods and services every month. Sassa has now confirmed payment dates. 

Millions of people apply for Sassa grants monthly. However, not everyone who applies for a Sassa grant will be approved for payment. 

Social grants are a lifeline for millions of South Africans, but a new political party proposes a shake-up.

Millions of people rely on social grants monthly to purchase basic goods and access services monthly. Here's how much grant beneficiaries will receive in May 2024. 

Millions of people will receive grants in May. Sassa has confirmed the grant payment dates for the next month. 

A new month is just a few days away. If you require financial support and meet the eligibility criteria, then you should submit an SRD Grant application for May 2024.

Millions of people are set to be assessed for the SRD grant in April despite not submitting a new application. However, they will be interested to know if Sassa decided they deserve an SRD grant payment this month. 

With the recent boost in the SRD grant, the R350 grant payment has now been raised to R370. If you've applied for the R370 Sassa grant, here are the steps to verify your Sassa status.


Millions of people receive SRD Grant payments every month. The value of the grant has increased to R370 and many more people are expected to apply for the grant. 

Unisa has clarified misinformation circulating regarding NSFAS allowances, affirming that allowances for 2024 are currently being disbursed.

Social grant ensure that millions of vulnerable people in South Africa can purchase basic goods and access basic services every month. These grants are now being distributed to beneficiaries. 




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