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Unemployed youth around the country will soon have an opportunity to apply for jobs at schools in their local communities. However, these positions will require academic qualifications.


According to Statistics South Africa, 66,5% of the country’s youth are unemployed. Several programmes were established to reduce the high unemployment rate with the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI) being one of the most successful initiatives.

A crucial youth employment initiative concluded in August 2022. The initiative saw more than 270,000 youth provided with employment opportunities at schools around the county.


In less than one month, unemployed youth around the country can apply to be part of an important employment initiative. This will see them receive a stipend, valuable work experience and training.


With the youth unemployment rate at worrying levels in South Africa, the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) offers a beacon of hope to young people. The programme will see jobs created around the country for youth people and applications will soon open.


More than 250 000 school assistants around South Africa will return to the job market at the end of the month. This comes after the education department confirmed they will not be renewing their employment contracts.


With an extremely high youth unemployment rate, the Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI) served as a beacon of hope for thousands of young people. The department has announced that the initiative will continue to make a difference in the lives of youth.


The Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) in the education sector created more than 270 000 job opportunities for unemployed young people. The programme will soon enter a new phase opening up employment opportunities for more young people.  


With an extremely high rate of youth unemployed, job advertisements from the education department are seen as an attractive proposition. This is especially true when that same department has launched youth employment initiatives in the last year.

To ensure participants are better equipped for the world of work, the education department will strengthen their employment initiative by offering participants short courses.


The education department has announced that schools cannot make new education assistant appointments. As this phase of the youth employment initiative concludes, Skills Portal spoke to three individuals who participated in the programme to find out how it impacted their lives.


More than 250 000 young people gained jobs through a government employment initiative in partnership with the Department of Basic Education (DBE). The continuation of the initiative is now in doubt as the education department revealed its latest plans.


The Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) guides employers and employees in South Africa around fair employment labour practices. However, does this legislation extend to teaching assistants employed at schools in the country?




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