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Time is running out to register for Unisa's short courses. Students interested in registering for the 2023 academic year are encouraged to do so to avoid missing the looming deadline.

Unisa has recently faced some scrutiny from students regarding the alleged lack of communication and assistance when it comes to registering online. The institution has come out and disputed these claims. 

Unisa has released a statement on its website strongly condemning the fraud and dishonesty that some of their students partake in during examinations and assessments. 

Beneficiaries of the government bursary scheme receive allowances monthly to support them during their time at university. However, these allowances and refunds are distributed by the institutions they attend which could entail days of waiting.


Thousands of students around South Africa will enrol in educational programmes in 2023. One South African university’s application period is open, leaving prospective students with a small window of opportunity to secure their place at the institution.


South Africa’s largest distance university offers a wide range of academic programmes for students wanting to obtain tertiary qualifications. However, there is a limited amount of time to secure your place at the university.


Interested in applying to Unisa for the 2023 academic year? Here is when applications will open.

South Africa’s largest distance learning intuition is warning its students of challenges with the primary system used in their studies. This could cause frustration for students as the system has several functions needed for their academic progression.


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) will fund 691 432 students during the 2022 academic year. However, it's important that students understand they do not have to stress about a recent email they received from the scheme.


Lawyers play a critical role in society by assisting citizens with legal matters and contributing to the greater public good. One South African University is growing its legal aid program to provide free representation to those who need it. 

Students have been given one final chance to register for second semester modules at South Africa’s largest distance learning institution. The university has also set its deadline for minimum fee payments.


In recent years, student debt in South Africa has grown to around R16.5 billion. This money, owed to universities around the country, does not only impact operations at the institutions, but also the students with outstanding fees.


Students have a limited amount of time to register for second semester courses as the registration period is set to close soon at South Africa's largest distance learning institution. 

Accreditation bodies work to ensure that qualifications offered by universities and colleges are worth the paper they are written on. It was therefore concerning when one of South Africa’s largest universities accounting programmes were being subjected to an accreditation process.


Online examinations, while convenient, can present further challenges during an already stressful time for millions of students. Some students from South Africa’s largest distance learning university have faced several challenges related to the completion of their examinations.

South Africa’s largest distance learning university has recently concluded its midyear examinations. However, some unsuccessful students will have the opportunity to rewrite certain examinations to improve their marks.  


The late payments of allowances could leave many students at tertiary education institutions without money they desperately need. South Africa’s largest distance university has announced changes to the way they pay allowances to their students.


As the second half of 2022 approaches, students around the country will continue working towards their academic goals. However, one university is calling on students to pay their minimum fees before they can register.


Graduation is a celebration of a student’s hard work, perseverance and commitment to obtaining an academic qualification. However, students at South Africa’s largest distance learning institution have encountered unforeseen circumstances that prevented them from enjoying their special day.


South Africa’s largest distance university has announced the registrations for several academic programmes will be opened soon. This affords prospective Unisa students the opportunity to further their education and achieve their academic goals.





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