***HIV Workshop 2024***


Course Outcomes:

  • Identify and solve problems by discussing the consequences of people living with HIV/AIDS in relation to infected and affected people, within the family, community and society.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of sexuality and sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) including HIV and AIDS. Understand the nature and transmission of HIV/AIDS Be able to communicate effectively by using verbal and non-verbal communication methods
  • Demonstrate the understanding of the effect of the HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections on society
  • Be able to contribute to full personal development by understanding the need for, and the means to engage in safe sex.

Course Outlines:

  • What is HIV/AIDS? HIV/AIDS and the immune system
  • Background of HIV/AIDS Different stages of HIV Transmission of HIV How transmission of HIV takes place HIV/AIDS management roadmap Voluntary testing campaigns “know your status” HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns Distribution of HIV/AIDS material and pamphlets
  • Distribution of condoms in the workplace Working closely with the local Health Department in accessing information Legislative framework HIV/AIDS and the work environment HIV/AIDS voluntary testing Treatment and lifestyle options, TB and STI’s Policy for HIV/AIDS in the workplace
  • Getting the buy in of senior management Ensuring all levels of the organization are involved in HIV/AIDS projects Rights of employees living with HIV or AIDS
  • Confidentiality rights in the workplace Infringement of confidentiality rights Accommodating sick employees and the company’s medical incapacity policy Antiretrovirals
  • How ARV’s work Access and Distribution of ARV’s
  • Getting to know your local provincial hospitals and procedures for accessing ARV’s
  • The effect ARV’s have on a person Accommodating people taking ARV’s in the workplace, regarding shift work etc HIV/AIDS and diet Counselling people with HIV/AIDS
  • Counselling techniques
  • Counselling family members and children
  • Referring HIV infected individuals for further counselling services
  • Counselling bodies/resources in your area Seeing HIV/AIDS as a normal chronic disease
  • Checklist for successful HIV/AIDS programmes
  • Problem analysis on HIV/AIDS and project identification in the workplace
  • Prevention and protection strategies
  • Business Impact Example of HIV/AIDS policy HIV/AIDS statistics
  • World statistics South African statistics HIV/AIDS Orphans in SA
Contact Details
Contact Person:
Academy Training Group - 011 394 1383
Contact Email:
kempton [at] academytraining.co.za
Course Details
Course Duration:
1 Days
Course Delivery Method:

E-learning E-learning

Blended Blended

In Class In Class

Distance Distance

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

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