Online Millennial Management Programme


We offer an online option via Zoom or Teams includes facilitation, online coaching and training material. This is specificall for individuals who want to attend the programme. 

The following modules are incorporated into the programme as an optional extra.

Modern Day Leadership that inspires and influences people to be their best.

Critical Communication that teaches the art of having those tricky conversations.

Mastery and Emotional Intelligence that helps leaders understand their own and others’ emotions to build positive relationships.

Trust, Autonomy and Creative Freedom that grows careers and supports talent retention.

Agile Teamwork that embeds shared goals and effective teamwork.

Empowerment through Delegation that maximises talent and productivity.

Moving Conflict to Productive Energy and Innovation that transforms differences into strengths.

Cognitive Diversity that fosters understanding and harnesses variety.

The Art of Managing Time and Pressure to teach you to combat “Sunday Scaries” and get on top of the never-ending day.

Leading the Hybrid Workspace that will ensure you know how to guide those who report to you are more productive, creative, and committed. 

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kate [at]
Course Details
Course Duration:
30 hours excluding coaching
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Distance Distance

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On Demand On Demand

Dependent on numbers
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Manuals will be couriered




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