Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT)


About the programme:
Competency Based Modular Training is a training system for apprentices who are interested in learning a trade.
This method of training focuses strongly on the practical application of the trade requirements.
Apprentices acquire essential skills in the workshop"

The following programmes are available for study:

CBMT: Electrical Levels 1-3
CBMT: Fitting and Turning Levels 2-4
CBMT: Joinery and Wood Machining
CBMT: Plumbing
CBMT: Automotive Body Repair Levels 1-4
CBMT: Fabrication Levels 2-4
CBMT: Spray painting Levels 1-3
CBMT: Welding Levels 2-5
CBMT: Motor Mechanics

Admission Requirement:
The minimum entrance requirement for practical training is a Grade 9 certificate preferably with Maths and Science. For the Electrical discipline the requirement is a Grade 12 certificate

Contact Details
Contact Person:
Colleen Brennon
Contact Email:
colleen.brennon [at]
Course Details
Course Duration:
10 weeks per module. Visit for programme information.
Course Delivery Method:

In Class In Class

Visit the College website for course fees.




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