Advanced Report Writing


Course Outcomes


After attending this course, the learner will be capable of:

  • using textual features and conventions specific to texts
  • identifying the intended audience for the communication
  • identifying the purpose of a text
  • selecting the appropriate text type, format and layout for the purpose
  • organising and structuring a technical text appropriately
  • using appropriate grammar conventions
  • drafting and editing a technical text
  • recognising errors and checking for accuracy
  • presenting the same information in different ways
  • using plain language in business
  • Relating the purpose, content, form, frequency and recipients of a range of reports to the information needs of a selected business
  • Identifying information sources and organisational procedures for obtaining and distributing information relevant to a selected business function
  • Compiling reports related to a selected business function, ensuring content and format are appropriate to information requirements and that reporting deadlines are met
  • Liaising with relevant parties and verifying that reported information is in accordance with requirements and purpose of the report

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Julius Matose
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julius [at]
Course Details
Unit Standard:
NQF Level:
Level 4
Course Duration:
4 Days
Course Delivery Method:

E-learning E-learning

Blended Blended

In Class In Class

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

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Course Fee Includes:
Assessment, Moderation, Certifification




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