Business Etiquette


Business Etiquette

The workplace is an ever-changing, dynamic, and fast-paced environment, but no matter the adaptations to how we do things, professionalism is always a requirement for any organisation.

Professionalism is not a particular style or culture of an organisation, it is about the way in which employees demonstrate responsibility, ethics, collaboration, and the organisation’s brand.  While employees may expect that every new recruit understands these principles, in today’s diverse workforce, we often find that individual perceptions of the workplace are far and wide.

In this course, we take learners back to basics and establish the ground-level expectations all organisations have of their staff.  We explore business etiquette as a practice of integrity, professionalism, and accountability. Our aim is to leave our learners with a strong identity of their purpose and commitments and to be equipped with the ability to represent a great work ethic.


  • All staff needing to polish their business etiquette skills and improve their professional image
  • New recruits and graduates destined for promotion


  • Effectively represent yourself and your organisation
  • Build your integrity in the eyes of others by demonstrating a strong work ethic and a confident and capable approach
  • Enhance communication skills and manage yourself when collaborating with others
  • Increase your motivation and work experience by embracing your responsibilities and commitments


  • Explore the commitment and promises you made when you took the job
  • Understand the concepts of professionalism, work ethic, and code of conduct
  • Examine how company policies provide guidelines for and expectations of staff
  • Develop integrity through demonstrating responsibility and accountability
  • Practice communication techniques to build relationships, collaborate effectively and demonstrate confidence and professionalism (listening, body language, greetings, appropriate workplace behaviours)
  • Understand the importance of first impressions and how your behaviour influences the perspective of others
  • Appreciate the importance of delivering on promises – building integrity, respect, and consideration
  • Explore how to manage difficult interactions with emotional maturity and professionalism
  • Understand the importance of confidentiality and boundaries
  • Assess your behaviour in an organisational context to create a self-development plan.

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