Communicate with Confidence


Communicate with Confidence

This course is highly interactive and requires movement and space for individuals to practice improving their confidence and ability to communicate verbally and non-verbally.  Participants will be encouraged to challenge themselves to engage in a variety of communication exercises.


  • Develop simple techniques to prepare for a conversation
  • Practice building rapport through eye contact, greetings, remembering names, and body-language
  • Explore the effect of status when communicating across hierarchal levels
  • Discover how body language affects your own confidence
  • Improve your vocal delivery and body language for impact and clarity
  • Develop positive communication skills, including listening and curiosity
  • Explore your rights and the right of others when communicating
  • Practice communicating with confidence


  • Become a more confident and capable communicator
  • Communicate with conviction and authenticity, using clear and articulate language, across hierarchal levels
  • Gain greater control over nerves and mindset when communicating
  • Develop a stronger belief in your ability to communicate
  • Develop physicality and voice to achieve credibility and a better image
  • Create healthy professional relationships
  • Assert your needs while respecting and acknowledging the needs of others
  • Practice and evaluate your communication skills for continuous development

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