Diversity Skills


Diversity Skills

We all instinctively aspire to be included and valued for who we are, and for what we contribute and represent. We have a legitimate expectation and desire to be respected and treated fairly, yet some of us forget that our expectations come with a corresponding obligation towards those around us.

 No matter how we may deny it, we are all inherently biased in some way. These biases are learned. They develop over our life through different influences which include personal experience, cultural background, friends, colleagues and family. What we observe and learn over time contributes to our prejudices and unconscious bias towards others.

 In this course, we help delegates recognise unconscious mechanisms that lead to prejudice and bias. We provide them with tools to deal with their behaviours rather than focusing blame on those around them.


  • Everyone can benefit from this course, especially those who are required to collaborate internally and externally


  • Enhanced awareness of own diversity as well as that of others
  • Able to be more mindful of their own unconscious biases and how to compensate for them
  • Manage diversity issues in the workplace and their individual lives
  • Improved critical thinking skills
  • Reduce faulty assumptions which will enhance decision-making abilities
  • A more inclusive working environment
  • Able to assess the merits of others more accurately.


  • Understand what unconscious bias is and why it is worth exploring at an organisational level
  • Understand the difference between unconscious bias and conscious bias
  • Recognise the benefits and the downside of unconscious bias
  • Understand how mental schemas are formed through experience and how these shape an individual frame of reference
  • Understand the relationship between bias, stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination
  • Learn about the most common types of bias that influence attitude and decision-making when working with others
  • Appreciate the implications of unconscious bias for external and internal relationships
  • Explore how unconscious bias can incorrectly influence decision making
  • Value the benefits of diversity in team members
  • Identify and take ownership of your own biases
  • Explore methods to continue to identify own bias and practice awareness of biased behaviours
  • Understand the meaning of micro-aggressions and how they impact external and internal relationships
  • Explore critical thinking techniques and mindfulness to enhance to reduce unconscious bias

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